Monday, January 7, 2013

Sweet Girls

The girls were awake a little before 8 this morning, but I wasn't ready to get up, so I tried to keep them in bed as long as possible...hellooooo Nook!  

As Odette was playing, she decided it was too hot and took her pajamas completely off...and kept on playing:

Silly baby!!!  :)

After breakfast, I fixed the girls' hair...and their braided pigtails looked so cute I just HAD to get a picture!

While I worked out, the girls played.  When I was done, Odette was still playing with a balloon and I joined in.  She thought it was hilarious when the balloon would smack her in the face (accidentally, of course!)!  ;)

At lunch, Alegria was pulling on her pigtails and I asked her what she was doing...

Alegria: "I'm Jiminy Cricket!"

Of course, Odette had to do it, too!  :)

Multi-tasking, just like Mommy!  Except I would NEVER drive while holding a baby!  I don't know where she'd get an idea like that!!!

Once Odette was napping, Alegria colored some Box Tops for Education worksheets and taped the box tops onto the sheets.  She LOVES tape!  I was actually pretty impressed with her today.  I had showed her how to get a small piece of tape to tape each single box top onto the worksheets individually, but when I was putting them in her backpack, I noticed that she thought outside the box and using a LONG strip, taped down multiple box tops that were in a line all at once!!!  Smart girl!!!

When Odette woke up, we had a fun time jumping on the trampoline...but Odette was camera-shy at first:

At one point, Alegria was pulling on Odette's hoodie and making her fall backwards:

Tickle time!!!

Dog pile!!!

Alegria barking and clapping like a seal!

We were outside for about 40 minutes, but it started getting a little too chilly for my tastes and besides, it was dinner time, so I had us all come inside.

We were all hungry, so I wanted to see if the girls were hungry enough to eat bananas presented in a new way...

For good measure, I even made some Breakfast Sushi with marshmallow creme (Fluff) replacing the peanut butter since Alegria loves Fluff and it's sweeter than peanut butter...I was hoping it would tantalize her taste buds:

The Sushi was a little harder to make than I thought...and pretty messy...and it was to no avail anyway.  Both girls were pretty repulsed by the banana and only ate the fluff, rice crispies, peanut butter, and tortilla, leaving the one item I was wanting them to eat.  *sigh*  Oh well.  At least I tried.  :-/

After dinner we had a short FHE lesson on choosing the right.  It was basically the lesson I gave to my class yesterday, so Alegria had already heard it, but that's reinforced the stuff she'd learned yesterday.  

However, today Odette actually paid attention and answered my questions correctly!  I can't believe my baby is growing up so fast!  And speaking of Odette paying attention and growing up, as we were reading our scriptures today, she actually mentioned that we were learning about Lehi!  I'm so proud of her!

We colored the extra worksheets from yesterday...even I did:

And speaking of being proud, I was so proud of Odette and her coloring skills today!  She totally stayed in some of the lines on parts of her picture!  Then she colored two more pictures and also stayed in some of the lines!

After coloring, the girls sang the alphabet while Odette danced to it!  Haha!

All too quickly, the night was drawing to an end and I bathed the girls and got them ready for bed.

We of course, did our nightly countdown:

What sweet little girls Cameron and I have!  We are so very blessed!

Good night and sweet dreams everyone!!!  :)

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