Sunday, January 6, 2013

Barks and Bumps

Since the girls have taken over my bed, it's difficult to get up too early in the morning for fear of waking them too early, so I went against my better judgement and set my alarm for 7:15, thinking I would make it to church on time if I just put my hair in a bun this morning...

From that opening paragraph, you can probably guess that we DIDN'T make it on time to church...and you're right.  We got there at about 9:06, but I hadn't finished putting my makeup on, so I put on the last few touches in the car.  Why didn't we switch times with the other ward again...?  :-/

Church was fine.  We got new students in Primary today...the new Sunbeams for the year.  Those cute little 3-year-olds looked lost and apprehensive and two had to have their mothers there with them.  I'm lucky that Alegria has never been scared of new classroom situations and went into Primary her very first time with ease.  We'll have to see how Odette does next year!!!  :)

Back home after church, I fed the girls some lunch and then Odette was ready for a nap!  I put her down and then lay on the couch while Alegria colored.  Alegria ended up asking me to hold her and ended up napping, too.  

Of all days, though, when both girls were napping, Isis was being difficult! I always bring her indoors when we're home so that she can not only be in the warmth of the house, but also to be in our company.  The girls love to pet her and play with her and even though I hate finding dog hair in more places that I would like, she's a good dog (most of the time...foreshadowing here, people!) and since we all love her, I'm learning to live with it.  

Today, however, she was really getting on my nerves!  There were some older boys throwing a football in the grassy communal area behind our fenced-in backyard, and Isis kept pacing back and forth, her nails clicking on the linoleum floor, and wanting to go out, but when I'd put her out, she'd bark because so many other dogs in the neighborhood were barking, too, so then I'd bring her back in and she'd pace again...and even get so bold as to walk onto the area rug in the living room and stare at me...and THAT is a big no-no!!!  She can walk anywhere that there is no carpet or furniture (in order to limit the amount of hair on those items, of course!).  Needless to say, between quietly but still forcefully telling her to go lay down and getting up to let her out and then getting up to let her back in, I did not get as good of a nap as I wanted.

Oh well.

Finally Alegria and Odette woke up.  

The first thing Odette told me when I went to go get her from her bed was, "All dogs barking!"  Apparently, the barking was bad enough that Odette noticed it, too, and it affected her nap because she didn't wake up until 4:30.  She must have not been able to fall asleep earlier at about 1:30 when I first put her down.  I knew it was weird that she slept for so long!  But I guess she didn't really.

Alegria wanted to watch a show on the laptop and Odette wanted to play in the playroom, so I just let them be.

Odette has decided recently that removing every letter from their foam playmat is fun:

"O" for Odette!!!

And that was only the beginning.  By the end of the night, pretty much every letter had to be put back in its place guessed it, yours truly!  Oh, Odette tried to help, but she was not successful.

The rest of the day was pretty low-key.  Odette gave me a checkup, Alegria and Odette played with balloons, the girls had dinner, and then it was time for our bedtime routine.

On our way out of the bathroom after brushing teeth, I was holding Odette's hand so she wouldn't slip and fall (she insisted on wearing her footie pajamas), and she was singing to herself and not paying attention and walked right into the opened door and busted open her bottom lip a little!  Poor baby!  :(

Once Odette was calmed down, we proceeded with our nightly routine.  Alegria sure likes to make very intricate drawings in that tiny little square:

There's, like, no empty space left in that square whatsoever!

Odette's turn to pull out a bead:

It's blue!

For some reason, when Odette says "Cheese!" her mouth does not turn upwards into a smile, but instead makes a grimace...not always, but often reminds me of "Friends," when Chandler and Monica are trying to get engagement pictures done and Chandler can never get a good one taken!  Lol!

Oh well!

Finally, the hugging picture!  Odette decided mid-take that she wanted to tell me that she has a "big bump on lip."  I love how she's starting to talk more!  It makes life so much easier!!!  :)

And that was Sunday.

Good night everyone!!!  :)

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