Sunday, January 13, 2013

Pretty Princesses

I actually woke up earlier today than I'm used to for a Sunday morning of 7.  Alegria kind of woke up, but I think she fell back asleep once I got in the shower.  When I was done getting dressed, Alegria was awake (again or still?) and so I gave her a big hug and kiss and went to go get her and Odette's Sunday clothes to get them dressed.  Odette was still asleep, but I was determined to get to church on time today, so I woke her up anyway and got her dressed while Alegria dressed herself.

I got the girls some breakfast and while they ate, I fixed their hair, put their earrings in, and then finished getting my bags together and got my makeup on.

The girls looked SOOO cute that I had to get a picture of them before we left because I KNEW that after church, their hair would NOT look the same!  Hahaha!  

Finally we were out the door...and we got to church at 8:59...YES!!!  :)  With getting the girls unbuckled and getting my bags, we made it into the sacrament meeting room as they were starting the announcements, at about a minute or so after 9, but it was far better than before!!!  :)

Church was fine and so was my class.  :)  The lesson was on Heavenly Father's Plan and the things we can do to follow His Plan so we can return to Him and be happy.  Every Sunday, I make a worksheet for the kids to color on one side and to draw something on the other.  

I was so proud of Alegria today!  Of all of the children in our class, she actually drew what she was asked!!!  AND she was the one who had suggested it as we were having the lesson!  As I was asking the children to tell me what things we can do to follow Heavenly Father's Plan, I had to kind of answer the question myself because no one was really answering, so I said, "Say your prayers, read the scriptures, go to church..." and Alegria piped in, "Go to the Temple!"  :)  And here's the picture she drew:

You can't tell because she started coloring the sky blue, but she even drew the Angel Moroni on top of the Temple!  She drew us going to the Temple...just like we did yesterday ( you can tell by yesterday's drawing and today's drawing, she is now drawing all of us as elephants!  Hahaha!)  :)

Back home, I prepared an easy lunch for the girls...leftover quesadilla and juice.  

Then I put Odette down for a nap, and even though Alegria at first protested, she and I also laid in my bed and took a nap.  I don't even remember sleeping.  I only remember waking up to Alegria getting quickly out of bed because she was thirsty and wanted her water.  And that's when I heard Odette.

We got up and colored and played some in the playroom:

Isis started barking outside and Odette said, "Isis barking again!" as she made this face:

And this one:

I finally made dinner and after the girls ate, they wanted to dress up as princesses:

And I built them a castle:

After lots of fun playing princesses, it was finally time for bed and our countdown.  We had to countdown for two days since we didn't do it yesterday:

Only 11 more nights without Daddy!!!  

This week is going to FLY by!!!  There's so much to do in anticipation of seeing Cameron again next week!!!  I don't know if I'll be able to sleep until he's back home in my arms!!!

Good night everyone!!!  Sleep well!!!  :)

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