Thursday, January 3, 2013

The Countdown Begins...Again!

We got to sleep in this morning until about 8:20.  Cameron went to go get the girls and brought them back into our bed where we all cuddled and read books until the girls started asking for breakfast.

After breakfast, we all got ready...Cameron even brushed Alegria's hair to untangle it prior to my putting it in pigtails.  That proved to be a little more difficult than expected!  Alegria was acting silly and trying to wriggle away!!!

In the meantime, I fixed Odette's hair while she played on the Nook:

Finally, Alegria's hair was fixed, too:

(Please excuse the laundry in the's been there for a few days, I know, but spending quality time with the family is the priority right now, so the laundry has taken a back seat to having fun family times!!!)

Once we were all ready, we headed over to Commando's to pick up a few supplies that Cameron was in need of.

Finally, we came back home, had some lunch, and then headed back out, this time to the Columbus Museum.

Unfortunately, when I got my camera out to take pictures in the children's area of the Museum, I found out that it was broken.  I had dropped it earlier today when I was helping Odette put her coat on.  I didn't realize until I tried to use it again that the case that I had it in did not protect it sufficiently from the drop.  :(  I don't know WHY I have butterfingers of late!!!  :(

That being said...I apologize that for the next few days, the pictures I post from now on will be of pretty poor quality because I will be taking them on my phone until I can get a replacement camera.

Aside from that, we had a fun time at the museum, drawing and coloring, playing, and just enjoying ourselves:

After we'd had our fill of fun, we headed back home and just relaxed and cuddled on the couch and watched a movie and had some popcorn.  

Then I shaved Cameron's head, he got rid of his beard, and he got his rucksack together.

At 5:15, we left to Camp Rogers, where we dropped Cameron off for his last phase of Ranger School...Florida/Swamp Phase.  Our goodbyes were quick...we didn't want to drag them out...and then the girls and I came back home.

Back home, we had some dinner and finished watching our movie.

Then it was time to take a bath.

Once both girls were bathed, in pajamas, and had their teeth brushed, we recommenced our daily countdown to Daddy's graduation from Ranger School on a new family-pictures-filled calendar that we got for Christmas from Cameron's parents!  

Our countdown necklace is getting quite long!!!

Hugs and (quasi) smiles for the camera (phone!)!!!  :)

Only 21 days and a wake-up left!  

Good night y'all!!!  :)

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