Friday, January 4, 2013

Miracle of Miracles!

What a laaaaazy day!!!  Not really THAT lazy...but we DID stay in all day...

We got up, had breakfast, I worked out, and the girls played.

I finally folded all of the laundry and even put it all away right away.  Wow.  If that isn't a miracle in and of itself, I don't know what is...oh wait...yes, I do...!  (Coming up, I'll tell you what is...)

While I put the laundry away and then proceeded to tidy up the rest of the house, the girls found a pair of sunglasses that Cameron had popped the lenses out of for Odette to have glasses that looked liked Hallie's for their Doc McStuffins birthday party back in August.  Alegria looks gorgeous in glasses, don't you think?!

And of course, once Alegria tried them on, Odette HAD to try them on, too!  :)  What a cutie!!!  :)

After getting the house cleaned up, I called Maintenance to come and fix our oven, kitchen sink sprayer, and to spray for pests.  The grand miracle was that for the first time EVER, Maintenance actually got their people to come and fix every single one of those things today, the SAME day that I called!!!  I was AMAZED!!!

The guy who came to fix the oven found out that the ignitor (sp?) in the oven was broken.  Everything else worked except for that, and he had to go back to the shop to get a new part, so he asked if I would be home later so that he could come back with the new part and fix it.  That was my deal breaker.  I needed to go to the grocery store, but that gave me the excuse to decide to make it ooooone more day without going grocery shopping.

So the rest of the day, the girls and I just colored, read books, watched cartoons, and played.  Here's a picture of the girls playing with balloons that they'd throw up in the air and try to bump with their heads or catch or bounce back and forth to each other:

And later on, as I fixed dinner for all of us, Odette was playing with her stick horse, so I started "singing" and she loved it, so she kept asking me to do it over and over again!

Of course, Alegria had to have a turn!!!

After dinner, some cuddles and "Classical Baby," the girls got in their pjs, brushed their teeth, and we did our daily countdown:

While Alegria drew a masterpiece in today's calendar square, Odette pulled a bead out to add it to our countdown necklace:

Done with her elephant drawing!

Our beautiful girlies!!!

Tomorrow I HAVE to go to the grocery store, so I'm going to head to bed...hopefully the girls have left some room for me!  That's right...they're back to sleeping in bed with me while Daddy is in Ranger School!  But only for 18 more nights!  :)

Good night everyone!!!  :)

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