Sunday, January 20, 2013

Odette the Stylist

Today we started church at 10 instead of 9, so I was able to sleep in until 8.  Nice!  :)

At church, I was able to see a couple of friends from Texas!!!  I knew Bethany and her family were in town because her husband is at Captain's Career Course right now, and I had a feeling I'd bump into them since our two congregations were combining today, but Amy, I did NOT know I was going to see!  She's apparently visiting Bethany for the long weekend!  It sure was a great surprise to see these Texas friends and to visit with them for a little bit after church!  :)

Back home, the girls had some lunch and then Odette and I took naps.  Alegria is adamant about not napping, so she quietly played on the computer for a little bit.

Odette eventually woke up and then woke me up.  I could have kept sleeping for a few more hours, but that was not going to happen!  Haha!  :)

The girls and I colored and then I made the girls some dinner.  Nothing fancy...a hot dog for Odette, a Fluffernutter sandwich for Alegria.

After dinner, we just hung out.  Alegria cut some more yarn and made a mess of it on the floor, and Odette played on the Nook:

Apparently, the flash is too bright and Alegria could not keep her eyes open for a picture!

At about 7, I got online to have a monthly video chat with my parents and siblings.  In Alegria's opinion, I was talking too loud, because she kept putting the volume up REALLY loud on the TV so she could hear her show better.  So I went to my bedroom to video conference with my family.

Odette followed me in there and started to brush my hair with her doll's hair brush.  I attempted to get pictures:

Finally, it was time for bed.  Alegria didn't think so (even though I'd already let the girls stay up waaaaay past their bedtime since tomorrow's a holiday!), but I eventually convinced her to also get her pajamas on.

Countdown time!!!  Only a few more days until Cameron comes home!!!  :)

Good night, y'all!!!  :)

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