Thursday, January 17, 2013

Tiny Tot Tea Party!!!

Any time there's a Gallagher get-together happening you MUST not miss it!!!  Amanda is a genius and puts together THE MOST FANTASTIC themed parties!!!  Today was a day we'd been anxiously waiting for!!!

First things first, though, I'm so glad we purchased our Jeep back in October and I am amazed!!!  We went to Columbus to pick up our friend, Lindsey, and her kids, and I was impressed at how easily we got FIVE car seats into the Jeep!!! order to better the situation, I actually switched out Alegria's car seat and put her in a booster seat.  And it worked out marvelously!!!  We had Rhett in his infant car seat in the second row of seats between Alegria and Odette, and Ryne and Acelyn in their car seats in the third row of seats.  I wish now I had taken a picture of it!!!  It was AMAZING!!!  :)

We got to Amanda's at 10:01!  Another amazing feat!!!  :)  

Little Aimee was napping when we all showed up:

Since Lacey and Mollie won't be here to celebrate their birthdays, Amanda decided to throw a tea party for them and their friends.  The decorations were so cute!

Ryne got his own special "wand!"

Amanda got this great tea set at the Front Porch of the South (an antique mall in Columbus) for only $30!

She MADE these super cute decorations!

AND most of the food/goodies!!!

Jim helped Amanda separate every pink m&m out of the Valentine's themed m&m packages...what a patient man!!!

Amanda bought these little hats from the Dollar Store and glued flowers on them!  What a great idea!!!  And SOOO tea-party-worthy!!!

This table was set up for the kids to decorate tea cups with!  Can you believe that the tea cups are plastic egg halves glued to big plastic buttons?!  I didn't know it, either!!!  Did I mention that Amanda is a GENIUS?!?!

Odette opted to play in the playroom with Esie while everyone else decorated tea cups:

She finally decided to join the crowd:

Even Aria got in on the decorating action! 

Before having lunch, we attempted to get a group picture of the kids dressed up to the nines in their tea-party hats!  Amanda even had a top hat for Ryne!  AWESOME!!!

Minus Aria:

Time for "tea!"

In case you can't tell...the food was delicious!!! 

Aimee: "What...?  What was that?  You say it's time for tea?"

Before we left, Alegria found a pair of toy goggles and pretended to be underwater!

What a ham!!!

Odette reminded me of "Madeline" as soon as she had her raincoat on:

Back home, I dressed the girls in regular clothes and we dropped Alegria off at school.  Then it was home again and Odette and I played a little before she went down for a nap.  She found her Santa hat and sported it...what a cutie!!!  :)

The rest of the day was pretty low-key and after dinner the girls had some yummy hot chocolate and cookies as a treat!  Odette's never had much of a sweet tooth, so her expression does NOT surprise me!  Hahaha!

She finally had some frosting...

Alegria, on the other hand, has a HUGE sweet tooth, just like her momma!

After dinner we played some more, had a bath, and then did our nightly countdown:

Ta-ta!!!  :)

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