Monday, January 14, 2013

Sick Odie Podie Bo-Bodie. :(

Last night was a long one.  I got to bed at about 2:15...

At about 2:30, Odette began to vomit.  Every 30-45 minutes after that, she would vomit again.  It wasn't a lot and it looked fairly clear, so I don't know what was going on.  Finally, at about 4:30, she fell asleep...and at about 5:30, she had a small fit once again and for the last time.  

In the morning, Odette actually had a little breakfast and seemed to be doing better, so we all got ready and headed to the grocery store.  

After our shopping trip, we stopped at the in-house McDonald's for a little lunch:

Odette didn't eat much, she just drank some juice and wanted to be held by me.

I usually fix the girls' hair before we head out, but I was in a rush to get our shopping done so we would have time for lunch and not be late to Alegria's school, so it wasn't until we were sitting and relaxing and having lunch that I finally fixed Alegria's hair.  (I'd kept Odette's in a ponytail at night so she wouldn't get it yucky with vomit, so I just left it as is.)  

Helping me push the cart to the car:

We got to school a little early and the girls even had time to play for a few minutes on the playground before Alegria had to go to class.  

Then Odette and I headed home for naps.  We both really needed them.  The noise (and light since I finally just left the beside lamp on) had bothered Alegria a little and she opted to go to her room for a little bit, so she got a little more rest that Odette and I did.

Once we picked Alegria up from school, we just came straight home.  Alegria wanted to play at the playground again, but because Odette hadn't eaten much all day, she was wanting to eat, so we came home.  Plus, I didn't want to be out in public just in case Odette needed to vomit again.

Back home, I gave Odette a small snack, but she still didn't really eat much of it, she just drank some juice and water again, which is fine.  She'll eat when she feels like she's ready to keep it in.  :)

After dinner we played princesses and then we had Family Home Evening (FHE).

For FHE tonight we prepared a care package for Daddy.  The girls drew pictures, sealed them with kisses, and placed them on top of a bunch of yummy goodies that we bought today to send to Daddy!

Bath time came and went and then it was countdown time again.  :)

The girls were exhausted and fell asleep pretty much right away after I read them a book and sang them a song.

In other news, today marks 2 months since I started implementing Shakeology into my eating regimen.  In the first month I lost 10 pounds!  In the second month, I gained a few during the holidays, but then I lost that plus two more, for a total of 12.5 pounds so far (Imagine what I could have lost had I not gained ANY during the holidays!).  :)  Even more exciting is that I've lost 4 inches from my waist!  I've lost inches all over, but that's been the biggest loss so far and I'm so excited about it!  :)

Here's a picture of me right about when I started Shakeology (around Thanksgiving time), then a month after starting, and then today, two months after!

Here's a picture of me today at different angles:

This masterpiece is not yet done!  I'm a work in progress, but I sure love looking at the subtle changes!!!  (Which reminds me...I need a full-length mirror!!!  Haha!)

I think Cameron will be pleasantly surprised when he comes home from Ranger School!  :)

Good night everyone!!!

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