Friday, January 11, 2013

Longhorn Princesses

Alegria chose the coolest outfit to wear today!

She's the cutest 4-year-old Longhorn princess I know!!!

And Odette's the cutest 2-year-old Longhorn princess I know!!!

Our morning was pretty boring.  We woke up late, had breakfast, then I tidied up while the girls played.

Then it was time for Alegria to go to school (wearing her tiara, of course!), and Odette and I came home and played a little bit more in the playroom before Odie went down for a nap:

In the next two pictures, she's actually pretending to "type" on the tiny computer:

When I went to go put Odette down and was changing her diaper, she kept asking me questions, so I instead asked HER those very same questions, plus a few about me and her!  :)

While Odette napped, I worked out.  By the time I was done, it was time to go pick Alegria up from school.

Once we got home, I showered and got ready.  We played a little more, had dinner, and then we went to Burger King to play in the little play area and the girls had a yummy soft serve cone!

After a few licks, she handed it over to me and said she was done.  I asked why and she said she didn't like it.  Silly child!

Thank goodness it was only 69 cents!  Now I know.

Alegria, on the other hand, LOVED it!

Getting every last drop...

While Alegria ate, Odette played:

This was all that Odette did in the play area, really, she didn't want to climb any higher than this.  It also looked very dark in the play area, maybe because it was night time...I don't know...but she basically ended up just running around, waving hi to us, and that was about it!

Finally, Alegria finished her cone and went to play...but only a few seconds after going to the play area, she came back and said she was scared and didn't want to play in it!  She recently told me she's afraid of the dark, so there you go...oh well!

So she chose a safer option to play...coloring!  Of course!  :)

Even though they didn't do much climbing or playing on the structure, Odette still insisted, "Five more minutes!" when I said it was time to go:

Back home and in pajamas, we counted down another day:

After getting the girls to bed, jogging on my elliptical, and doing some biceps and triceps work with dumbbells, now I'm headed off to bed.  

Good night!

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