Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Better Pictures...Finally!!!

Odette was the first one awake this morning and she was so cute...every time I'd look over at her, if I quickly closed my eyes like I was still sleeping, she'd quickly close her eyes, too, and pretend to still be sleeping as well.  :)  Then she'd touch my nose and give me soft kisses.  She is the sweetest little thing!!!  

When I was finally wide awake, she and I cuddled for a little while.  Alegria was still sound asleep right next to me, though, and Odette at one point said, "Gui-ah, wake up!"  I had to quietly shush her and tell her Alegria was still sleeping.  So we cuddled some more.

Odette then decided it was too hot in her jammies again:

When Alegria finally woke up, we all cuddled until my bladder was about to explode, so I got up, they found the Nook, and I got a few pictures of my sweet little girls enjoying a quiet morning game together:

Once dressed and fed, I fixed the the girls' hair and then they watched a show on Netflix while I worked out.

Cute baby!!!

After working out, I showered up and got ready. 

Lunch time came and as I was getting us ready to drop Alegria off to school, my new camera arrived!!!

It's sooooo pretty!!!!!  And it takes MUCH better pictures and videos than my phone!!!  I'm so glad it's finally here!!!  :)

After dropping Alegria off at school, Odette played on the playground for a little bit while I visited with two other mothers there:

Back home, Odette and I read books and played.

Once we picked Alegria up from school, Odette kept asking for a snack...Goldfish crackers, to be exact, but I told her that she couldn't have any until she had something healthy...she could choose an apple, a clementine, or a banana.  She chose an apple and ate the whole thing.  :)

After she finished the apple, she asked, "Mom, Goldfish please?!"  I can't believe she still had room for Goldfish after that whole apple!  OR that she even remembered that I'd promised her that she could have some after eating her apple!  But a promise is a promise and I let her have some.  :)

Alegria, on the other hand, even though I gave her the same choices and same promise, she chose not to have anything.  As Odette was eating her Goldfish, I noticed her sneaking some to Alegria...and nipped that in the bud!  I'm glad they have each other's back, but on that one...I don't think so!

Playing "Memory" on the Nook:

Playing with her doll:

I see your undies, Alegria!!!

Eventually the fun had to end for the girls to get ready for bed...or DID it...?  ;)

Countdown time!!!

Another day is done!  :)

Have a good night everyone!!!  :)

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