Monday, February 1, 2010

Baby Einstein

Maybe Alegria will be a hat girl yet! I have a lot of cute summer hats that I'm hoping she'll like wearing and seeing that she keeps putting her winter hat on all by gives me hope! :)

She's also getting better at keeping her ponytails and bows in her hair!

There's also another thing she likes to put on her head...DVD cases!

Where she got the idea for this, I do not know, because Cameron and I sure don't put DVD cases on our heads!

We went to Story Time this morning. Alegria had fun, as usual, though at times she would leave the circle to run around in the back. During the Goodbye Song, she always loves to play an instrument and walk around. Today, Andrea walked with both Josh and Alegria:

Abilehi does a great job at Story Time!

Afterwards, Alegria decided to help clean up:

As Alegria was "helping clean up," she found a googly eye on the floor and held on to it. Abilehi thought it would be funny to give Alegria a third eye with it...what do you think?

Back home and after a nap, Alegria wrapped her baby doll in a baby towel and was rocking her! So cute!

As I was getting ready to give Alegria a snack, she surprised me by signing "flower" and "grass!"

Then later, I quizzed her on some body parts and she got them all right! Our baby girl is a GENIUS!!! :)

I just loved the view of the back of Alegria's head with her bow:

We love you so much, Alegria!!! You're the sweetest, cutest, most lovable little girl!!! :)

...even if you're silly! She decided to test the water temperature as the tub was filling up...and can you believe she would dry her little wet hands on Daddy?! She's no fool! :)

Good night!!! :)

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