Monday, June 20, 2011

Another Day Over!

Our day was fine.

I was too tired to wake up and work out, so I just woke up when Odette woke up. We played in her room until Alegria woke up. Then we played in Alegria's room.

We had some breakfast and then played in the living room.

Odette napped and while she did, I worked out. It felt good to work out again! :) I must admit, I've lost some of my steam, but I'll get back to my higher intensity again!

Once Odette woke up, we played some more in her room and in the living room and then we had some dinner.

At about 6, when the sun was no longer on the swingset, we finally went outside and played. At one point, Isis ran right into Odette's swing and since Odette was leaning in it to one side, she smacked her mouth against the restraint and busted her lip a little. :( Luckily, she stopped crying soon after I got her swinging again.

We finally came inside and I got Odette ready for bed, nursed her, and she was down by 7:35.

Oh...while I was getting Odette ready for bed, Alegria was in Odette's room with us. All of a sudden she ran out the door to either get something or I can't remember what...but the wood floors are so slippery that she slipped and fell and busted her lip, too! :(

Then Alegria went to the front yard with me to water the front tree. We also drove the truck back onto the driveway. I had put it on the curb when the guy had come to put in the floors so he could set up the wood saw and stuff and hadn't put the truck back yet. Then she and I emptied out all of the trash cans and took the big garbage can out. Finally we were able to chill and she rode her bike. She rides really well now, thanks to her Daddy teaching her while he was here!!! She doesn't quite know how to steer yet, but at least she pedals all the time now!!! :)

Next Alegria helped me feed Isis. And then we came inside and played some more.

We colored...

...and she even drew Odette! 

She told me she was drawing Odette's eyes and mouth and arms and kind of looks like a little person, doesn't it?! :) She's so smart!!! :)

And then again, maybe not so much!  She was putting a bucket on her head as a hat:

And got stuck:

Anyway. Finally she went to bed at 9:30 and then I came here.

I had a few projects I was working on, then I emailed Cameron...and now it's late again. I'll work out during Odette's nap again tomorrow. :)

Well, that's about it.

With every passing moment, I think of Cameron and am so excited for August to get here and for him to be in my arms again!!!

Time, please fly!!!  :)

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