Saturday, June 25, 2011

Berrios Girls' Weekend 2011

Apparently, Lorelehi and Alegria were both up since 6:30 this morning, but I was oblivious to that fact, even though both Alegria and Lorelehi were sleeping in my bed with me!  I was so tired! Lorelehi tried convincing Alegria to go watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse with her in the living room, but Alegria wanted to stay with me. So Alegria stayed in bed with me and all of a sudden I realized she was sitting up. I asked her what was the matter and she turned to look at me and she was I asked her why she was sad and she said she wanted juice! So I told her she could go ask her aunt for juice and that her aunt would get it for her...

So she went to the door, cracked it open, and asked through the crack, "Aunt, juice please!" And I told her she could go out to the living room and ask her...which she eventually did.  Thank goodness!  :)

I woke up a little after 8, when Sister Reed called to say that she and Bishop had gone to the church building to set the volleyball net up for us, but that there was no ball...I let them know we had a ball and thanked them for doing that for us. That was completely above and beyond and very sweet of them! :)

I got out of bed then and saw that Odette was up by then, too.  Nefilinda and Abilehi were busy making waffles and pancakes. Nefilinda has a waffle maker, but she forgot hers at home, so she bought one here and said she was giving it to us...she said that it would serve as the wedding gift she never got us! That was very sweet of her! :) It's a very nice waffle iron, too! :)

So they made breakfast, we ate, and then we got ready to go while the girls got warmed up to Uncle Ammon as he played with them...or rather as he let them climb all over him!

I nursed Odette and gave both girls a kiss and we left.

Nefilinda and Abilehi had gone to Killeen to pick Sadie up to come play with us, so we were there before they were and worked on getting the ball pumped with air:

...and we stretched:

Almalia was having trouble pumping air into the volleyball, so Lorelehi stepped in and showed her that the needle has to be moistened before:

Finally Abilehi, Nefilinda and Sadie showed up. None of the other ladies from church that I invited showed up to play with us, though, but it was fine. We played three against four...Nefilinda, Abilehi, Almalia, and Sadie against Lorelehi, my mom, and me. My team lost both times, but not by much. We all had a fun time and then afterwards sat around and talked.

Unfortunately, Lorelehi hurt her back pretty bad. She must have twisted it and could only walk all bent over and for the rest of the day has been incapacitated, lying down on the exercise ball to keep her back curved, which helps a little.

She's been taking Ibuprofen. She also looked up her symptoms online and it gave suggestions on home treatment and said that if after 3 days there wasn't any noticeable improvement, to go to the doctor. I hope she feels better soon!

I fell on my ankle wrong one time and it's a little sore, but it should be fine in a couple of days. There's no swelling or anything.

Once home, the first thing I did was nurse Odette and put her down for a nap. Then Allie and I had some lunch and then I chatted with Cameron...Woo-hoo!!! :)

As I was chatting with Cameron, Allie was watching a cartoon with Ammon on his laptop...she was sitting on his lap:

Then all of a sudden he told me that she's getting tired...and sure enough, she was fighting sleep...her eyes kept drooping. So I took her to her room and laid her down on her bed, where she fell asleep in about a minute, even though when I first laid her down, she was not wanting me to put her down!

Then I put a movie in for my mom and she and everyone else took naps while watching the movie and I kept chatting with Cameron.

Sleepy Almalia:

Abilehi and Nefilinda and Sadie had come here, eaten, and had then gone to get their hair done by by my hairdresser, Crystal. After that, they went back to Abilehi's place to shower. Well, it was Abilehi's turn to make dinner, but they were taking too long, so I decided to at least get it started for her...and then ended up doing all of it since they still had to go drop Sadie off back home once they were done getting ready.

Odette trying to drink out of Alegria's sippy cup:

Mami using a blanket to help Odette walk:

Another interesting Alegria "leash" for one of her toys!

When Nefilinda and Abilehi showed up, dinner was ready pretty much. We ate and then I bathed Odette and got her to bed by 7:40.

Mami put some makeup on Alegria and also painted her fingernails and toenails:

I then bathed Alegria and got her in bed by 9:30, but then she kept needing me...and finally after the last time she needed me to take her to go potty, she fell was 10.

Then we sisters and Mami all got our toenails painted and I straightened my hair.

Odette woke up at 11:45, so I went to nurse her and dozed off...and at 12:30 when I came back out, everyone was gone and/or in bed!

So here I am writing you as Ammon snores up a storm (I had already gotten Ammon to feed Isis)! Lol! :)

And that was our day!!!

We had a fun time, not only playing volleyball, but also reminiscing...I only wish Lorelehi hadn't hurt her back. It looks like it hurts her a LOT! :(

Well, I'm going to head off to bed so that I'll be more rested tomorrow for church.

Have a wonderful night everyone!!!

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