Sunday, June 12, 2011

I've Stood Up and I Can't Get Down!

Today was a good day.  :)

I got up at 7 and showered and got ready. I can't even remember what time the girls woke up. I just remember that when Odette and I went to get Alegria, as soon as I opened her closet to get dresses for them, the first words out of Alegria's mouth were "Go church!" I was so impressed that she knew!

I dressed Odette and put Alegria's dress in the dryer to get some wrinkles out and then we had some breakfast. Finally, we got Alegria dressed and were out the door by 9:31. We got to the Gatesville church building at 9:59.

During sacrament, the girls did ok. Odette was trying to pull herself up from the side of the carseat at one point and kind of fell sideways, though still holding on with one arm, and started crying, so we all went out to the Mother's Room, where I nursed her...that got her in a good mood again.

Then later, I gave Odette her sippy cup with juice when she started getting fussy and Alegria wanted it. I explained to her that this was Odette's sippy cup and that I had one for her if she wanted it. She was being loud and crying that she wanted it and not wanting to be reasoned with. We ended up having to go to the Mother's Room while I waited for her to stop crying.   It was close to the end of sacrament, and I guess the nursery teacher, Sister Hall, had already come out to the nursery room, which was just a few steps away from the Mother's Room...and she came in and asked if I needed help. I told her I was fine but then Sister Hall asked Alegria if she wanted to go play with her in the nursery room and Alegria did, so I let her go with Sister Hall. Later, Sister Hall asked what Alegria's name was and when I told her, she couldn't pronounce it, so she said she'd just call her "Olivia." Lol! I guess Olivia CAN sound like Alegria...?  I could have said she could call her Allie. Oh well!

We had our presidency meeting and Odette didn't do too bad. After our meeting, I went to get Alegria...they had just come inside from a walk outside, and I took her to the potty. At first she didn't want to go, but then she did! I took her back to nursery and went back to Primary, where I got Odette (Don't worry, I hadn't left her all alone in there, I'd left her with Sister Hefner). Odette was getting hungry and sleepy, so I eventually had to take her to the Mother's Room, where I nursed her and she dozed for about 20 minutes.

Finally church was done and we came home.

Once home, Cameron called and we got to talk for a little bit.

Then I nursed Odette and put her in her crib. A little while later, Odette started crying and I let her I usually do. Well, she wasn't stopping and was just sounding more and more mad, so I finally went to check on her at 2:40...and she had pulled herself up to standing in the corner of her crib and couldn't get back down! Poor thing!

So I nursed her again and put her back down...but as I laid her down and pulled my arm away...I felt wetness...and then I smelled it...and sure enough, she had pooped! I couldn't let her sleep like that, even if she was sleeping soundly! So I got her up and changed her diaper. She was NOT happy! But then when I put her down, she went right to sleep again! (It was about 3.)

When I came back out, I was going to try to doze on the couch, but then I decided to try to take a nap with Alegria in her room. It was after 3 and the flooring delivery guys hadn't shown up yet. I told Alegria we were going to take a nap and she got mad when I turned her show off and left to go to her room. I started dozing and didn't hear anything and was afraid she'd fall asleep on the couch, so I came out and she was lying down, but not asleep, so I finally convinced her to come to her room.

We were about to go to sleep when I heard a big truck outside. I peeked out the window and it was the flooring people! So I opened the door and they dropped the stuff off in the master bedroom, since the flooring wouldn't be going in there. I had asked if they were going to leave it in the garage and had even opened the garage door when they first arrived, but they said the wood needed to be in our house for 24 hours to get acclamated to the climate in our home before they could install it. I sure hope that they come to install it soon!  It's so pretty, I can hardly wait!

Then Alegria and I stayed up and watched the rest of her movie.

Abilehi came over and we had some dinner.  I let Odette have her first taste of plain rice and she seemed to like it.  She kept eating it so daintily, one grain at a time!  Too cute!

At one point, Alegria told me her tummy hurt, so I brought the pink tub out in case she needed to vomit. turns out that she just needed to go poop because she went poop in the potty all by herself again! I was so proud of her! But another time when she said she needed to pee, she decided she was cold and had her blanket in there with her and was raising Big Bear up in the air! Weird!

I had woken Odette up at 4:40 and she played really well with some toys while I helped Abilehi with laminating a couple of cartoon strips.

In the meantime, Alegria made a mess with the water in the bathroom. She loves playing in the water and I have to constantly tell her to stop! She'll be washing her hands and get distracted and want to just play with the water!

After dinner, we took Odette's weekly pictures.

Odette holding herself up to the coffee table:

Then Alegria got a hold of the camera and she took these last few pictures of Odette and of Aunt Abilehi.  She's getting better and better at taking pictures!

Odette was in bed by 8:45 and Alegria by 10.

While Abilehi was on the computer, I fed Isis and Doralee, loaded and ran the dishwasher and the washing machine, and got ready for bed.

Speaking of having to do laundry...Alegria was wearing a dress for church, of course, and when we first got home from church, she had gone pee on the potty, no problem. Well, later, she had gone to the bathroom...but when she hiked her dress up to pee, she didn't do it well enough and must have actually sat on her dress when she sat on the potty and got it all wet...and it made a mess and got her potty seat and dress and panty wet! I'll have to remember that and take her out of her dress when we get home so it's easier for her to pee all on her own!

Anyway. Abilehi finally got done at 1 am and then I helped her get her stuff in her car and she left.

Now I'm here. I already had to go out and nurse Odette once tonight...we'll see what the rest of the night brings!

Good night everyone!  :)

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