Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I Love My Helpers!

Today Odette seems to be better...not sneezing as much anymore, though still a runny nose, but in a much better mood, thank goodness.

Alegria is as rambunctious as ever...and super cute, of course! She blew me kisses when I left my bedroom and bade her goodnight (she'll be sleeping with me in my bed while my college girlfriends, Mandy and Adah, are here...they get here tonight!!!).

Today Lorelehi stayed again to help me out, which was really nice.  While she and I cleaned, the girls played quietly in Alegria's room.

Reading books:

Sporting a milk moustache at snack time:

Alegria had to break her cookie up into tiny pieces in order to dunk them in her milk, since her glass is so small!


Lorelehi left after both girls were taking afternoon naps.

When the girls woke up, I put on a movie for them and tried to get some more stuff done.

Watching a movie and supposedly feeding Jeremy (Alegria's doll):

Playing in the laundry basket:

What a sweet smile!

I got a lot done today, with the help of not only my sisters, but also Alegria:

But there are still a few little things that I need to do, mainly, the cake. Tomorrow I plan on making all of the food stuff, which shouldn't be difficult. I'll enlist Mandy and Adah's help, too! 

Abilehi has been helping me out, too.  She disinfected all of the girls' toys that the kids will be playing with tomorrow at playgroup...I hadn't disinfected them since the girls had their hand, foot and mouth disease...then I had her help me with the last little things I needed...

It's been great having people help me!  I sure do love my Helpers!!!

Other than that, Alegria did another cute thing today...she brought down Odette's changing pad and wipes and was wiping Big Bear to "change his diaper!"

AND when she went potty, she was being silly and put her shorts on her head!

So that's about it.

I didn't get to talk to Cameron today.  There was a blackout, which means that all communications were suspended...internet, phones, you name it. I hope the blackout is lifted soon...

It must be tough to be right in the thick of things. I won't ever understand what it feels like to be in danger all of the time like him and his colleagues are, and for their courage and sacrifice, I am ever so grateful...I thank all of the soldiers out there who are standing up for us and for the right.  Because of them and those like them before them, we live in a nation where we have so many rights and freedoms.

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