Monday, June 13, 2011

Summer Reading Starts!

Our day was pretty good...other than the fact that Alegria and Odette woke up more than usual in the middle of the night...

Alegria needed water once and had lost her elephant another time and needed me to help her look for it...

Odette needed nursing.  I was so exhausted from the getting up so much last night that finally at some time of the wee hours of the morning, I took Odette into bed with me to nurse her there.

At 6:30, Alegria was awake, so I brought her into bed with me, too, and turned the TV on for both girls.

At 7 I got in the shower. The girls played.

We then had breakfast and got ready and left the house by 10.

We were one of the first ones to get to Story Time today...they didn't even have the doors to the conference room open yet!

Alegria insisted on being the one to push Odette's stroller. She did a pretty good job!

I had forgotten my phone, though, so we went back outside to the car to get it and I was able to get a better picture of Alegria pushing Odette.

Both Alegria and Odette had fun at Story Time! It was Odette's first time actually participating! She even had her own carpet square!

I helped Odette dance to the "Shake Your Sillies" song and she loved that! She then loved shaking a maraca during the "Goodbye Song."

Normally the kids would walk around the circle of chairs, but since there were more kids than usual today, the kids were told we were just going to stay in the circle to play the instruments...apparently Alegria did NOT get the memo! Lol! :)

After Story Time, the kids got to choose two prizes from some bins that they had leftover prizes from last year's Summer Reading program. Alegria kept taking Odette's toys. Oh well! We went to the Children's Area and checked out three books. I decided that this year we'd actually try to do as much as we could of the program instead of me pretending that we did it in order to get the prizes. I let Alegria choose the books. :)

Once home, I nursed Odette and she was in bed and asleep by 12:15. I was going to stay up with Alegria and watch a movie, but I was exhausted and I knew Alegria was tired, as evidenced by her pretending to sleep:

I persuaded her to go to her room. At first she didn't want to, but when I told her that we'd read her library books, she came willingly. We read all three of her books and then I told her she could play if she wanted, but that I was going to take a nap.

I fell asleep and woke up when Cameron sent me a message that he may not be able to call today.  After replying to his message, I saw that Alegria was sound asleep. Yay! :) So I slept some more...

Odette woke up at 3. I got her and brought her into Alegria's room and Alegria finally woke up at 3:15. We came out and played in the living room.

Odette is getting more adventurous and wanting to hold on to the coffee table and stand at it. She's also so much better about not fussing when she's sitting on the ground now that she can get around...she DOES get fussy when she falls on her back and can't turn over to get moving again, though! Lol! She reminds me of a turtle that falls backwards on its shell and can't turn over when that happens since Odette STILL does not roll over! :)

We had dinner at 5 and then at 6 the girls had baths. It was funny that both girls had their tongues sticking out in two of the pictures I took! I don't know if Alegria had noticed that Odette was sticking her tongue out and was copying her or if it was just coincidence...

Little Miss Odette kept wanting to stand up in the tub, though...and when I was washing Alegria up and making Odette stay down for safety's sake, she got VERY upset that when it was her turn to get washed, she was not happy at all and just crying because even then, she kept wanting to stand up and I wouldn't let her!

Once both girls were finally washed up, dried up, lotioned up, and dressed for bed, I nursed Odette.

At 7:22, I realized that I should probably lower Odette's crib mattress height...especially since she's so intent on standing now. I definitely didn't want to wake up to a thud and crying and come to find Odette had pulled herself out of her crib!!! So I went to get a screwdriver and an L wrench.

It took longer than I thought...especially since at one point, I couldn't find a screw. I was pretty upset because it was later than I'd anticipated and Odette was screaming up a storm...I knew she was tired and I felt bad that I'd waited til the last minute to adjust her crib. I knew Alegria had gotten the screw because I had asked her to help me hold up the bottom of the crib on one side for just a couple of minutes and on that particular side was where I couldn't find the screw, and Odette was in her walker, so she couldn't have been the one to snatch it up! I kept looking for it and asked Alegria to help look for it, but she just left and went to her room. Finally, I heard a small thud and I looked over to where Odette was and it had fallen out of her hand and onto the floor. Alegria must have given it to her. I'm sure glad Odette didn't try to eat it! It was a small screw.

Finally the bed was done:

I brushed Odette's teeth, we had family prayer, and then I got Odette into bed by 8:35...and my heart is at ease that she's safer now. :)

Alegria finally went to bed at 10.

After the girls were in bed, I found out that Quinn also has Hand Foot and Mouth Disease (HFMD), though not as severe as Tucker has it. Playgroup has been cancelled for the week because of this little epidemic. Apparently, Lee and Skyler are also sick, though from what, we don't know yet. Lee's had a high fever since yesterday and has been refusing to eat (unheard of for him!), but they don't know what he has. And I have no idea about Sky.

I sure hope that Odette and Alegria continue to stay free of HFMD. Apparently, there's no medicine for it, only for the symptoms...Tylenol for pain and fever and Benadryl for itching. I guess Quinn's was so mild that the doctor didn't give him anything. He only had a couple of blisters on his mouth and arms, unlike poor Tucker whose mouth/chin area, legs, and I guess also his bum were completely red and covered in these blisters.  Poor baby!!!

Some good news, though, is that today was an accident-free day for Alegria!  No potty accidents at either Story Time or at home. :)  Yippee!!!  :)

And that wraps up today.

Good night!

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