Wednesday, June 15, 2011

First Day on Quarantine

Our day was fine. We stayed indoors out of the heat and just played all the live long day.

Smiley Baby!

Poor babies are getting more and more spots all over them and it's just horrible to see them like that! :( I'm afraid of what they'll look like tomorrow! :(

Odette's hip and upper thigh after a diaper change (that's why her skin is shiny...I'd just used a baby wipe on her):

I'm glad I got some frozen juice pops yesterday at the store because today Alegria started complaining that her throat hurt. The doctor said it would probably spread to their throats and make it hurt to eat, so to not be surprised if they stopped eating.  The juice pops soothed Alegria. She really liked them, so she ate that...and ice cream today.

And I won't kick myself for thinking I'm a bad mom for having those be her meals because that's all that feels good to her right now! Tomorrow I may switch it up and make some pudding with her. :) She also had some yogurt. :) Odette liked the frozen juice pops, too:

Happy, playful girls:

She is VERY interested in the VCR...

Alegria making tiger sounds as she shows Odette her tiger:

Making noise with homemade rattles:

She told me that Big Bear was cold and then that he had to go to bed!

And then he woke up from his nap!

I tried getting Odette to walk with the doll stroller, but it didn't feel very natural for her (she was quite unhappy and sure looks it, too!).

She wasn't getting the hang of it, so I continued on with just walking around with her holding my hands.

Playing some more (you can see her rug burn on her little nose more today from when she fell on her face yesterday):

I took pictures of Odette's rash popping up everywhere. She even had a full-blown blister on her tongue and finger! :(  

Thankfully, the rash has not made it's way to her pretty little if only she hadn't gotten that poor little nose bruised up!

Still happy, though!  :)

And today she was playing at the entertainment center, looked down too fast, and smacked her head against the edge of a she had a red line on her forehead today, too! Poor baby!!!

Both girls have been in pretty good moods, though, so it's all good. Odette only gets fussy if I'm not walking with her. She didn't nap long today, either, so she was tired and in bed by 7:30.

Alegria had two accidents today, unfortunately. She didn't want to pee this morning when she woke up. Well, all morning had passed without her going potty...but as soon as she had a juice pop, it just all came out...and she didn't make it. She peed right in front of the toilet. Almost made it! So I cleaned that up. Later on today, the same thing happened. Juice pop...pee accident. *sigh* The doctor said there might be regression in the potty training with this whole HFMD... :(

Other than that, though, Alegria just played and was in a good mood, too:

As we "bowled," whenever it was Alegria's turn, if the bowling balls didn't go very far, she'd say "Oh, man!"  I guess I must say that when things don't go the way I want them to...?  :)

Abilehi came over in the evening. They bought "Tangled" for the library and she checked it out and brought it over for us to watch. It was a cute movie. :)

After the movie and after Alegria was in bed, Abilehi and I watched "Taken" as we moved furniture (well, during the commercials was when we moved furniture). I also mopped the kitchen before putting everything in there and in the office. 

Tomorrow I have to take the coats out of the coat closet. I'll just put those on Alegria's bed.

Oh.  I bathed the girls tonight. I hope that was ok...I guess I should have asked the doctor if it was or if it would be better to hold off on the bathing to not make the spread of the spots worse. :( I may be crazy, but it seemed to me that after their bath, the spots got worse. :( I'm so sad about this little illness that they have! :( I sure hope it goes away soon!!!

Besides that, our day really was fine, even though we still haven't heard from Cameron.  It was low-key as we played during the day and then in the evening it was fun to move furniture around, chat with Abilehi, watch a movie and chill, and be excited for our new floors to be put in tomorrow!

Now it's off to bed!

Good night!

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