Friday, June 10, 2011

Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow

Our day was tiring and a little sad...

I got up at 5, got ready, got our bags ready, and then got the girls up at 6:30 and got them ready and we left by 7:01. Neither Alegria nor Odette were in happy moods when I got them up that early, though. They were both crying/whining at first when I got them up, but thankfully I was magically able to get them to stop. :)

We arrived right on time for the deployment ceremony to start. Someone spoke and I thought it was actually pretty neat to hear them talk about how these particular soldiers (all combat medics) were going to go out there to make sure that our soldiers that are fighting the war are taken care of. I can't remember exactly what was said, but I liked knowing that there are those out there who, though they don't fight, necessarily, are willing to risk their lives to try to save the lives of those that are fighting the battles. The National Anthem was played and the Army song was sung. It lasted all of 10-15 minutes.  You can't see Ryan in this picture...he was at the far left.

After the ceremony, they had the soldiers draw their weapons and then the soldiers got to come back to be with their families.  And then there was waiting...

The McFarlands:

They had snacks for everyone and they gave flags out, too. The girls did pretty well.

When I handed a flag to Odette, she grabbed a hold of it in such a way that it looked like she was praying!

Odette: "Dear God, please bring Daddy, Uncle Ryan, and all of the soldiers home safe.  And God, please bless America.  Amen."

Waiting to board the buses...and then it's so cute...Ryan signed "I love you" to Abilehi as he walked off to get onto the bus:

We followed the buses to the West Fort Hood gym and waited some more.

They had free stuff there that they were giving out to the families of the soldiers. The girls again did pretty well. Alegria even went potty in the public restroom! Odette had a DumDum lollipop for the first time...and loved it!

She got some in her hair, though, and it made for a funny hairdo!!! :)

Alegria and Odette are so cute together!

They were even giving out free Girl Scout cookies!  Alegria loved those (can you see the chocolatey remains on her face?)!

Alegria just played and played and played:

And Odette took a nap in her carrier.  Here she'd just woken up:

Boy, I was so sad for Abilehi and Ryan today. When we first arrived this morning, I was feeling a little sad because I was sad that Alegria was having to say goodbye for a third time to a man in her life...first her Daddy twice and now her Uncle Ryan. And then just seeing Abilehi, her eyes red from crying and so made me even more sad. And so I got teary-eyed...

Throughout the day, I would catch them in tender moments and almost cry again...their faces so sad!  

Young married couples shouldn't have to go through a separation like that so soon!!! I know they knew what they were getting into...but still! Poor Abilehi and Ryan!!! :(

In this last picture of Abilehi watching Ryan go sit with the other soldiers, her shoulders hunched...her gaze was sooooo heartbreaking!!!

Then it was time to move outside...

Just one more kiss...!

We finally left at about 2. We dropped Abilehi off at her car. Alegria had fallen asleep pretty much as soon as we got her in her car seat...Odette fell asleep shortly after.

By the time we got home, both girls were still so sound asleep and I didn't want to disturb them, so I also dozed in the car for a little bit after making a quick phone call.

At 3:30, Alegria woke up, and woke Odette up, so we all went inside. I nursed Odette and Alegria ended up crashing on the floor again. So Odette and I played.

When I finally got Alegria to wake up again, it was 4:30. We played in Odette's room a little...and Odette even crawled a tiny bit!!! 

She already gets around so well with just scooting and sitting herself back up...and soon she'll be crawling all over the place!!! AND today she was standing at the entertainment center a little and holding herself up pretty well for a good while...but then she fell on her butt and then on her back, though, and cried for a tiny bit, but I just helped her up and told her that as she starts standing more and learning to walk, that she'll fall a lot more, but that she just has to get back up!!!

Odette was in bed by 7:30. Abilehi showed up right after I came out of Odette's room. We had some dinner, chatted, looked at the pictures and videos of the day, and then I got Alegria into bed by 10:30. Then Abilehi emailed Ryan while I fed the animals and then got ready for bed. Now I'm done emailing Cameron and then it's off to bed for me...

Cameron called as we were waiting with Abilehi and Ryan today.  I'm so thankful for him and all he does for us.  I'm grateful for the love he has for me.  I feel like the most loved woman in the world because of him! 

Seeing Abilehi and Ryan today made me appreciate Cameron even more for the sacrifices that he makes to make our world a better place to live.  Yes, Abilehi and Ryan will miss each other and it's sad, them being such a newly-wed couple having to be separated for such a lengthy period of time so soon...but on the flip-side, though Cameron and I have been married longer, not only does he have to miss me, but also Alegria and Odette.  Cameron has missed out on the last 30 weeks of Odette's life (she's only been alive for 41), and though he barely knows her, he loves her beyond measure.  It doesn't get any easier for anyone...but someone's got to make the sacrifices and I'm proud to have two very brave men in my family who will take up that cross and bear it.

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