Thursday, June 23, 2011

Kitchen Aide

Our day was good.

As I was still in bed, Cameron sent me a message via Facebook, which I get forwarded to my phone and which I can reply to and we can "text" back and forth like that.  Gotta love modern technology!  I'm so glad I'm an Army wife in these days and not way back when!

Anyway.  We texted back and forth for a while and after that, with a huge smile on my face, I got up and showered and got ready and then I swept and mopped the floors.  It was 6:30 am.

Odette woke up at 8:40, I changed her diaper and then dressed her. Then she and I played a little bit.

At 9:20, Sandy Lundell showed up and dropped her three kids off. I put in the movie "Tangled" and we all watched. Jaycee talked a bit with me. She's very nice. :) I walked around with Odette, too.

Alegria finally woke up at 9:40. I dressed her and brought her out to meet the kids. At first Alegria was very shy and hid behind me. Finally she warmed up enough to them to play with her toys with them. Towards the end, she was holding Jaycee's hand and asking her to color with her, telling her to "Come on!" to go get the coloring books and crayons! :) Cute! :)

Sandy got back close to 11:20. She and I talked and she let me know that she's trying to get a group together to do a little preschool class for the 3-year old kids. We'll see if I end up joining up with her group or not...

After they left, I called and made an appointment for Alegria.  They had an appointment available at poor Odette would not have her nap at her usual time. Oh well!

I nursed Odette, got the diaper bag ready, and then we left.

When we signed in they totally know me there already and were like, "Back again?" Yeah. Another week, another issue.

Waiting to be called back:

Mr. Brooks came and called "Mrs. Marlow?" and as soon as Alegria saw him she said "HEY!" and ran to him and said, "Doctor see me?!" And then she ran to me and said, "Come on!" :) She did really well getting her vitals taken and all of that, as usual. She weighs 28 pounds and is 37 inches tall.  :)

Finally Dr. Parrish came in and we talked and she said that in the summer it's common that with the heat and playing and sweating a lot, moisture can be an issue and cause yeast infections. She prescribed a topical cream and also said I should iron the crotch of Alegria's panties to kill any yeast that might remain after washing (since I wash in cold water and it needs heat to kill the yeast off). She also said that when I bathe the girls, instead of letting Alegria keep playing in the tub while I wash Odette afterwards, that I should let her come out of the tub and stay in a bath robe and play outside the tub while I wash Odette, that way she doesn't have any extra moisture build-up.

After the appointment, Alegria spun Odette around in her stroller as we waited to get our medicine from the pharmacy:

Then we came home.

As soon as we got home, I nursed Odette and talked to Cameron on the phone...YAY!!! :) Then I put her down for a nap.

Alegria helped me make dinner...a quick and easy cheesy ravioli casserole!

Lorelehi showed up just as Sister Davis called me. Sister Davis and I talked a little about the meeting yesterday and the things we need to do for the activity in August.

Abilehi showed up, too.

Odette woke up and we had dinner. Abilehi was telling me that they fired four library workers today...well, they gave them notice that they're being terminated. Melissa, Abilehi's assistant, was one of the four and her last day will be September 30. Abilehi is saying she's going to have to cut back on programs now because there's not enough staff to have them all.

After Abilehi left, we put a movie in. I dozed on the couch while Lorelehi walked with Odette and played with Alegria.

Then we gave the girls a bath.

I got matching night gowns yesterday at the store for the girls.  Alegria chose them and they looked super cute in them!

We chilled and chatted and then Odette was in bed by 8:50. Alegria was in bed by...I can't remember. I want to say 9:30?

Anyway. Then I watered the front tree and fed the dog and fish.

After that, Lorelehi helped me fold some laundry.

Now she's sleeping and I'm here.


UGH! There was a June bug in here just now! GROSS! When I opened either of the doors today, some flew in...ICK!!! I think I had to capture, in total, about six June bugs today that were in the house!!! This last one I just flushed down the toilet. The others I suffocated in a paper towel to die in the garage. What purpose do they serve anyway? They're UUUUUGLY!!! And they make a horrible whirring sound!!! :(

Well, I guess that's about it for now.

Good night all!  :)

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