Monday, June 27, 2011

Lazy Day...Sort Of

This morning I got up when Odette did, a little before 7. I changed her diaper and we hung out with my mom in the guest bedroom for a little bit. Then Abilehi showed up to drop Almalia off and we had breakfast.

Playing in the kitchen:

After breakfast, Ammon mowed the lawn and the rest of us played. Lorelehi fixed the girls' hair:


Almalia read:

And walked with Odette:

Once Ammon was done with the mowing and had started the edging, I went out to sweep the clippings off the sidewalk (from the edging...he'd put the grass clippings from mowing in bags in the trash can). Then Ammon put fire ant killer in the backyard while I spread the fertilizer pellets all around and then I watered the lawn.

Then we just played some more.

Almalia slept (apparently walking Odette around exhausted her!  Lol!):

Some more nail polish!

Chillin' with Uncle Ammon:

Mami and Almalia didn't realize until today when they were already dressed for the day that they'd both packed the same outfit to wear...their Girls' Camp outfits!  :)

I tried putting Odette down for a nap at 12:30, but she just cried and cried for about 40 minutes, so finally I brought her out to lunch with us. Abilehi showed up to have lunch with us, too.

Then I put Odette down at about 2.  I took a nap while everyone watched "Shrek Forever After."  

Then my mom and Ammon and Almalia left at about 3:30, I think.  I woke up to say goodbye...

I napped some more while Lorelehi watched a movie and played with Alegria.

Cameron messaged me to say he was online, so I got out of bed and went to chat with him.  When I began chatting online with him, Odette woke up and Lorelehi got her and tended to both girls so I could talk to him.  So nice of her!  :)

Then we just hung out the rest of the day.

After dinner, I put Odette down. It was 7:30 and she went to sleep pretty much right away.

Then I had Alegria in bed by 8:30. She was a little rambunctious, though and kept calling for me. She did ask to go potty once, so I was glad she called me for that, but once she had gone potty, I told her she needed to go to bed and finally I didn't go to her when she called (she kept telling me silly things when I went to see her, so I knew she was just postponing), and then she finally went to sleep.

I took the garbage out and fed Isis and Doralee while Lorelehi finished folding the laundry. Then I loaded the dishwasher and tidied up in the kitchen and also hung some clothes up in our closets.

After that, I started working on the diaper cake for Kerri's baby shower on Thursday. It looks so cute! Lorelehi helped me put that together and she also helped me with the game prizes. I wasn't able to finish the diaper cake or the prizes because I ran out of ribbon, so I'll have to get some more, but they're looking adorable! :)

Now I'm ready for bed...but Odette is crying. :( So I guess I'll have to go and nurse her as soon as I'm done here.

It was an awesome weekend with my mother and sisters (and Ammon!)!  We'll have to make it a yearly event!!!

Well, that's about it for today! 


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