Friday, June 17, 2011

New Floors!!!

I was really tired this morning, so when Odette woke up in the early morning (3:30 maybe? I can't remember.), I brought her into bed with me to be able to nurse her while I dozed.

At about 8, I went to get Odette's walker so that I could shower while she sat in it in the bathroom...and while I was in her room, I heard someone knocking on the door. I thought maybe it was Abilehi here super early and that she had knocked because she figured I still had the alarm on and so she wasn't going to just use her key and walk in so that it wouldn't go off...

When I got the door, it was the guy for the floors again! Yesterday I specifically asked if he would be early again and he had said that no, he would be here between 9-9:30! I totally was NOT ready for him to be here already! I told him that he caught me off guard again and that really, I don't always look like I currently did!!! He said that he hadn't been planning on being there so early, but that they had another job for him to do later that day in San Antonio, so he had to come early to get our place done. He said he'd take measurements and then be outside for an hour...

At about that time, Cameron texted me that he was online, so the girls and I came to the office for a short while.

Then I went to shower.

I closed the master bedroom door so that the guy couldn't see in, but left the master bathroom door open so that I could keep an ear to what the girls were doing in the bedroom. Well, when I came out of the shower...our bedroom door was open!!! I quickly stepped away from the doorway, stuck my head out and asked Alegria to shut the door...and she went to the front door to shut IT! I was like, "No, the bedroom door!" She didn't quite get what I was saying, I don't know why, and it took about 5 minutes to get her to close the right door. At one point I could see the guy in the entryway hallway and felt so stupid yelling at Alegria trying to get her to close the door and just my head poking out! I was afraid something like this would happen...! He had said he'd be outside for an hour, but in all reality, he was coming in and out for an hour, measuring and cutting. I don't think he saw me, but man, that was stressful!

Finally I was all dressed and ready.

We went to the kitchen to have some breakfast.

Everything was looking great and I was hoping he'd get done soon!

After breakfast we went back to the bedroom and Cameron called. Yay! :)

The guy finally finished and left at 12:45 after he'd had me sign some papers. I had no idea he still had so much to do. I thought he'd be here only for about 2 hours, but I hadn't taken into account that he also had to put caulking in to seal everything.


He finally left and I got Odette to bed.

Then Alegria and I went to her room and also took a short nap.

Abilehi showed up and I heard her walk in the front door and woke up...and Alegria woke up a few minutes after I'd left the room, so I brought her out and we chatted with Abilehi for a bit. Then Odette woke up shortly after.

I swept and mopped the beautiful new wood floors while the girls played.

Our new floors sans (without) furniture:

The blue tape has to stay on for two days and we can't walk on the transition pieces for two days...and I guess the corners of the wall baseboards need a fresh coat of paint!!!  :)

Then we moved the furniture back, being very careful not to scratch the new floors:

I LOVE our new floors!!!  They definitely make any noise louder, though, and the house is cooler, too!

Alegria loves the new floors, too, and just kept playing and playing on them:

Then we watched some TV and relaxed. I put Odette in her walker for a little bit. She didn't like it at first, but then Alegria was pushing her around and she was fine...until Alegria stopped on account of a stubbed toe:

Odette was in bed by 7:30.

Alegria chilled with us for a little bit and read her dinosaur book:

She was in bed by about 9:30, I think. She didn't go to sleep right away, though. At one point she called for me that she had to go potty, so I took her potty.  I was SOOO happy that she did!!!  :)

Then she called me again for something else...

Finally she must have gone to sleep. Abilehi and I relaxed and watched a show on TV and then she left.

I fed the dog and fish and took pictures of the living room with the furniture (above) and then Odette woke up and I nursed her. For some reason, after nursing her that late at night (it was about 11:30), it really drains me. I was so tired after nursing Odette I just had to take a nap...

When I woke up, it was because Odette was awake again and so I went to nurse her again...

And now that I'm done emailing Cameron and blogging, I'm off to bed again...for good!  (At least for a couple of hours!)

Sleep well, everyone!  :)

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