Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Hand Foot and Mouth

Our day today was fine.

We got up, I showered, the girls played.

I got the girls dressed, we had some breakfast, and then played some more.

Odette went down for a nap at 12:15 and then Alegria and I read some books and played some more. I was going to try to have her nap, but she'd gotten up later today, so I didn't think she'd be tired. It was fine, though.

When Odette woke up, we quickly got ready and left.

Our appointment at the doctor's was at 3:20. While we waited in the waiting area, Alegria was playing peek-a-boo with Odette underneath her blanket! It was cute!

As soon as Alegria saw Mr. Brooks, our nurse, she said "Hey!" to him and ran to him. It's nice that she knows him and likes him.  :)

Waiting in the examination room after getting their vitals checked:

The doctor came in and examined both girls.  I let her know that last Thursday, they'd been exposed to Hand Foot and Mouth Disease at playgroup and that this morning they both woke up with red spots, so I wanted to come in and see if they had it, too.  After the examination, she said that yes, they exhibit the classical signs of Hand Foot and Mouth Disease (HFMD). She said that it looks like Odette got it first since she has it more widespread, and then Alegria. She also said that normally the skin rash doesn't itch, but it can, and she suggested Benadryl cream for that (Alegria's HFMD itches). She prescribed Tylenol and Motrin for fever and pain for the girls. She said they'll be contagious for about a week after the onset of symptoms, so until next Tuesday, we'll be quarantined at home. Adults usually don't get it, though, so I should be good.

We waited for the medicines at the pharmacy, but it was taking a little longer than usual and Odette was getting hungry...she hadn't eaten since I nursed her before her nap! Finally we got the medicines and left.

We went to Walmart and the first thing I did was nurse Odette in the car. Then we went in and did our grocery shopping. Afterwards, I put the girls in their carseats and then I wiped down the cart with a disinfecting wipe (I had brought a container with me from home).

Then we came home.

Once home, I changed Odette's diaper and left her without clothes so I could try to get some pictures for Cameron so he could see her little rash. 

Odette is much more adventurous these days, trying to be more mobile, holding on to the coffee table, trying to pull herself up to things...and as I was going to get the camera, she fell flat on her face on the living room rug.  Poor thing smacked her nose and it's sore and red on one side and busted her lip a little on the top inside.  :(

I held her for a little bit and soothed her and put a cool wet washcloth to her lip and then used an ice pack on it, too (Alegria helped putting the ice pack on Odette's mouth, too...very cute and helpful!). She calmed down after a few minutes and then we had some dinner. She didn't care for the baby food lasagna-in-a-jar, but she did eat most of her pears.  :)

After dinner, we played some more and I got a few pictures.

Some of the bumps on Odette's leg:

As you can see, her rash isn't all that bad (you can hardly see it in the pictures)...and I hope it stays mild like this!

Happy Baby!

Odette "walked" around with me for a little bit. Then she went to bed. It was 8:35.

Once Odette was in bed, Alegria and I cuddled on the couch and watched a movie.  Here's a closeup of her hand (The flash makes it hard to see the bumps).  Alegria's is more on her forearms and hands, with a little bit on her feet:

In all, it was a quiet end to our day.

We had one accident today, though. Alegria did really well at the doctor's and at Walmart and stayed dry the whole time. At home, though, this morning she'd been complaining of her tummy hurting after eating her yogurt. (I asked the doctor about that and she said maybe the dyes in the yogurt do that to her...and she asked about the regularity of Alegria's bowel movements, too, thinking that could be the cause of the tummy ache.) And then in the evening she was complaining of her tummy hurting again.

I asked if she needed to poop, but she said no. Well...after Odette was in bed, as I was coming back out, Alegria told me, "Mommy, I poopie!" Sure enough, she'd pooped in her panty. I think that's why her tummy was hurting. Looking at the record I keep on my phone of her bowel movements, she hadn't gone poop since Sunday, so that must have been what was bothering her. When I took her to the bathroom, she started crying and I told her that it was ok, that accidents happen, but that she just needs to try to get to the potty earlier next time so she can poop in the potty and not in her panty. As I told her that, she nodded her head and said, "Yeah." I cleaned her up and gave her a hug and she seemed to feel better after that. Then I cleaned up the messy panty and had us both wash our hands.

When I put Alegria to bed after watching her "Daddy Movie," I was so exhausted I napped in her room with her while she slept. Then Odette woke up and I nursed her after giving her some more medicine (I gave both girls Tylenol before going to bed just in case their rashes hurt during the night.) Then I took another nap.

I really don't know what my problem is with how tired I am. I suppose being up late at night on the computer doesn't help, but when I can't function from weariness after putting the girls to bed, a little nap helps me. I hope I can get some better sleep habits soon...this is just not cool!

Other than that, we didn't hear from Cameron today.  Yesterday he sent me a message that there had been an incident and so he might not be able to call me yesterday.  And usually the blackouts only last 24 hours, so I thought he'd call today, but he didn't, so that was unusual that today he still hadn't called.

Oh well.  :)

And that's it for today.

Have a great night everyone!

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