Friday, June 24, 2011


Another good day.  :)

Lorelehi really liked my red hair color and decided she wanted to get her hair dyed red, too, so I set up an appointment for her to see my hairdresser and she went and did that this morning.

After the girls and I were up and had had breakfast, we just hung out and played.

Odette went down for a nap at noon.

Once Odette was napping, Alegria and I had lunch and played and then Lorelehi came back from her hair appointment. I had done a few loads of laundry.

Odette woke up and we played tea party and just chilled.

Nefilinda arrived at about 3:30.

Abilehi got here at about 6:45.

Lorelehi made a delicious Tilapia dinner with salad and mashed potatoes. Alegria helped her make it!  (Lorelehi's hair came out awesome, by the way!  LOVE the red!)  :)

I'd never had Tilapia, but it was VERY delicious!!!  I've GOT to get that recipe from Lorelehi! 

After dinner and after playing with Alegria and Odette a little more, I finally got both girls to bed, then watered and fed the dog. Then my sisters and I watched a movie and folded my laundry. 

It was getting late and Nefilinda was tired, so she fell asleep.  But the party was just getting started, so Lorelehi made chocolate chip cookies using Ghirardelli chocolate chips...OH MY GOODNESS!!!  SOOO yummy!!!  Why have I never made chocolate chip cookies like the ones she made before?!  Another recipe I've GOT to get!!!


My mom, Ammon, and Almalia should be here around 12:30, though, so I'm going to go hang out some more with my sisters and wait for the arrival of the last of our guests!

Good night!

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