Sunday, June 26, 2011

Pupusas for Dinner!

Our day was nice.

I woke up at 7, showered and got dressed, then got Odette and dressed her, then woke Alegria up, dressed her, gave the girls to aunts and uncles and went to finish getting ready. I re-straightened my hair (sleeping on it got it a little fuzzy), then it was time for breakfast.

Alegria playing on Ammon's bed while she waited for breakfast to be ready:

After breakfast, I quickly got the diaper bag together and we left. I had Ammon drive so I could put my makeup on.

We got to church a little late, but we were still in time for sacrament.

I had to take Odette out to nurse her.

Sunday School was fine, but I again had to take Odette out...she pulled her sippy cup out of the diaper bag a little too fast and threw herself flat on her back and started crying...

In Relief Society I had to leave and walk with Odette. She was getting bored and the lesson was on a talk from the Ensign that I had studied and shared with my visiting teaching sisters, so I was a little bored with it, too, so I didn't mind walking with her.

Once home, I nursed Odette and she was OUT!

Alegria decided she wanted to nap on Mommy's bed and slept, too.

Everyone else was also sleepy, but most of us stayed awake and chatted.

Odette and Alegria woke up and Ammon and I worked on getting the pupusa stuff together, and then when Abilehi woke up, she and I worked on getting a cake-type salvadoran quesadilla made.

We all then pretty much just visited and laughed and played with the girls.

Alegria putting Almalia's earrings on:

Alegria brushing hair:

Alegria getting her toenails polished again:

My mom and Ammon made the pupusas and Alegria even helped! She loved helping! :)

Then it was time for dinner. SOOO yummy!  I love pupusas!  Alegria didn't eat the tiny tortillas she made, though, but she DID eat the quesadilla cake. :) So did Odette. :)

After dinner, we hung out some more:

Odette discovered a crate of food that Lorelehi had brought with her:

And helped herself to some bread:

Alegria discovered Ammon's dirty laundry bag and played inside of it.  Luckily he hasn't been working out while he's been here, so the small amount of laundry he had in there wasn't stinky!  Haha!  :)

Finally I got Odette ready for bed and put her to bed. She cried for about 30 minutes then I went in and held her for a few moments and then put her back down. She cried for another about 15-20 minutes and then she fell asleep.

In the meantime, I watered the trees.

The rest of the night, we visited some more.

Alegria took pictures of people:

And then got Abuelita to polish her nails yet again!

It was lots of fun just hanging out with everyone!

Eventually, I put Alegria to bed.  :)

Well, that's it. It's a miracle I'm getting to bed before midnight! I've already even brushed my teeth and am ready for bed, just have to say my prayers! :)

Have a great night y'all!!!

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