Saturday, June 18, 2011

Simple Pleasures

Our day today was another relax-at-home day.

We pretty much just played, chilled, and watched some TV.

Odette looked like she was going to pull herself up:

I also walked around a lot with usual. She's getting more interested in letting go of me for short periods of time to explore areas...but if she can't get down on her own or if I move too far away from her where she can't grab my hand again as soon as she wants to walk again, she cries...this picture of her holding onto the bar stool is of her crying because I had moved too far away and she couldn't figure out how to get down and I wasn't there for her to hold onto...!


Alegria's getting more symmetrical with how she arranges her toys: 

Odette also LOVES the VCR. She keeps wanting to touch all of the buttons on it, so I have to always make sure to steer her clear of it when we're walking past it or get her away from it when she craws up to it. :)  She loves the videos, too...just like Alegria does.  I wonder if she'll take them AAAAALL out like Alegria used to, too...once she figures out how?

Odette was so cute, laughing it up as I spit out the measuring spoon ring towards her...such a simple game, such a simple pleasure!  And Alegria joined in, of course!  :)

Alegria did really well on the potty today...she even went number 2 on the potty today...WOO-HOO!  She apparently hadn't finished going after she'd had me wipe her, though...and she ended up having an accident after cleaning her up, I gave her a bath, too.

Abilehi came over. I needed her to get some Stake Primary stuff done for me tomorrow at church since we're still on quarantine here at home.

After taking care of church "business," we tried watching a movie ("Becoming Jane"), but we were both falling asleep, so we turned it off and ended up just chatting for a little bit before she finally left around midnight.

And that was pretty much our day.

G'night y'all!  :)

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