Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Bassinet Diaper Cake!

I'm up late, as usual. It's been great that Lorelehi has stayed here longer than she'd originally planned. She's always such a big help!

This morning, Odette was not sleeping well. It seems she was getting sick...sneezing and a runny nose and so she was up most of the night and was exhausted. Poor thing!

At 9:15, Odette finally took a nap. I did a few things around the house while Lorelehi vacuumed the bedrooms for me, we played with Alegria a bit, and then I went to Hobby Lobby and Walmart while Lorelehi watched the girls.

When I got back, both girls were up. We all had lunch and then I took a nap while Lorelehi watched the girls for me again.

I woke up about an hour later, thinking that I needed to get up and get stuff done!

When I came out to the living room, all was quiet...Odette had gone to sleep shortly after me, and I guess Alegria had been playing with her toys and decided to take a nap...all on her own!

Odette woke up shortly after I woke up, so since getting Odette up from her nap is a favorite activity of Alegria's, I went to get Alegria first and then we went to get Odette.  I was surprised that Alegria was in a good mood even though I woke her up only an hour after she'd gone down!


The rest of the day, we played and cleaned and put away laundry.

Abilehi came over for dinner.

After getting Odette in her pajamas, I tried brushing her teeth with a real toothbrush for the first time ever.  Up to now, I'd been using a toothbrush that you wear over your finger:

And I was finally able to capture on video Odette kissing "Daddy" before going to bed!

Odette went down at about 8:15 and an hour later, Alegria was in bed...she again was stalling, but finally she went to sleep.

Abilehi helped me folding more laundry and Lorelehi helped curling ribbon for decor (it's still a work in progress):

I worked on cleaning up the kitchen, putting the last touches on the diaper cake, finishing the last game prize candles, and then baking the cake. 

Here are pictures of various angles of the Bassinet Diaper Cake...it came out super cute, if I do say so myself!  I used 12 washcloths, ribbon, tulle, glue dots, and 104 size 2 diapers (yes, that's a Diaper Bottle on top, with a washcloth "nipple"!):

Lorelehi helped get cups filled with blue water and a plastic baby figurine for one of the games:

Abilehi left and Lorelehi and I kept working.

The gift and game table:

A close-up of the game prize candles:

The kitchen table centerpiece:

After Lorelehi went to bed, I had to go and nurse Odette, wait for the cake to be done in the oven, cool it, then take it out of the pans. Tomorrow I'll decorate it.

After Odette had slept earlier today, she was in a better mood, so I hope it's just a mild cold she has and that it will go away soon. :)

And that was our day!!!

Sleep well, everyone!

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