Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Grocery Day

As I put my makeup on after my shower, Alegria also put a little makeup on:

While I finished getting ready, the girls kept playing in our bedroom.  As soon as I took Odette out of her walker so she could crawl around once I was out of the shower, Alegria found a new occupant for the walker!

Me all made up:

Finally it was time to go grocery shopping...always fun! 

Back home, Odette didn't nap long, so she was more fussy than usual in the evening. As long as I kept walking with her or held her, she was fine, though. :)

Playing in Alegria's room:

Odette DID do a new thing today... It may not be that evident that it's such a hard thing, but babies don't know how to get down once they've gotten themselves up...and today Odette was finally able to get back down all on her own!

I hope she keeps doing that so that she doesn't get so frustrated anymore and becomes a little more independent. :) I was taking the video because I was hoping to catch her standing on her own for the first time so I could have it recorded for Cameron...I really felt like she was going to! But I guess that will be for another day! At least we still saw her do a small feat! :)

Playing in Odette's bedroom:

Odette got upset for some reason..and Alegria happened to get a picture of her crying!

At 6, I had a Stake Primary Presidency meeting. We've got a Stake-wide Activity Day Girls' "Babysitting Boot Camp" planned out for August 13th and Sister Davis, the first counselor and I (the second couselor) are in charge of most of it.

The girls did really well during my meeting. Alegria played with Sister Rushton's two little boys and Odette played contentedly at my feet with some toys I brought for her. I was afraid she'd be fussy at church, too, but I'm glad that she was fine and I was able to actually pay attention and participate more during the meeting than I usually do. I'm excited about the activity and I think the 8-11 year old Primary girls will like it, too!!! :)

We got home later than I was expecting because our meeting ran over. So as soon as we got home, I got Odette ready for bed. As I was dressing her, she grabbed a puzzle piece and was just holding it in her mouth! It was too funny!

What a cutie!

Then I nursed her and put her to bed by 8:30.

Once out of Odette's room, I went and watered the lawn. I decided to water both the front and back at the same time today, since I have two hoses. It worked well, except for the fact that since I started later than usual, it was really dark by the end and at one point I accidentally pointed the sprinkler head right at my eye and sprayed my eye! Needless to say, I was soaked when I was finally done and I even started sniffling. I hope I don't get sick! :(

After giving Alegria a bath, we watched her "Daddy movie" then she went happily to bed.

I ran the dishwasher, washed a load of laundry, tidied up a bit, and now I'm here. I should really go to bed.

Oh! We finally got the mail today and Grandma and Grandpa Marlow had sent the girls a cute card and a piece of chewing gum for each of them! Alegria loves getting mail! :)

And that was our day!

Good night everyone!

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