Saturday, July 11, 2009

Amateur Pro Part 2

Today Alegria and I hung out on the driveway during the cool breezy morning time while Cameron worked on the bookcase some more. As we chilled, I took more pictures of Alegria. I really do love this new feature I learned about on my camera...I think the accent of color on black and white photos really does make them look a bit more professional. (Of course, it also helps that my subject is so beautiful!) So here are some of the better pictures of our little photo shoot...enjoy! :)

I just LOVE Alegria's expression in this one!

In this one, too!

This one's a favorite as well. :)

What a sweet little girl!


When we finally came inside because it was beginning to get hot outside, I kept taking more pictures...

I have to make sure that with each subsequent child we have, I take as many pictures of them as I have of Alegria or they'll be jealous! Boy, I love photography! :)

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  1. I love the brightly colored dress I just wish I could see all the colors at once!!! Good job she is so cute!!


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