Friday, July 3, 2009

Welcome Home Daddy!

Alegria and I woke up at about 7:30 this morning. I immediately texted Cameron to see where he was...and he said he would be home at about 9:30!!! WOW!!! I was expecting him closer to noon!

While we waited for Daddy to get home, Alegria explored her home once again to get reacquainted. Here she is underneath the coffee table, which she actually climbed all the way in, but I was too slow to catch it:

We were all so very happy when Cameron finally got home! We first had some breakfast, since Cameron was starved. Here Alegria is trying egg yolks (hard-boiled) for the first time ever and she's also having some toast, which in the past she's not been a big fan of:

She's apparently still not a very big fan:

It all ended up underneath her high chair, underneath her little bottom, and all over the table. AND Alegria learned to stand up in her high chair...

It's a good thing I always strap her in!

She was not happy about that little hindrance:

After breakfast, Cameron took a nap. I was hoping he'd nap longer, but he's such a go-getter, he can never nap more than 20-30 minutes before getting up and getting stuff done. While we were gone, Abilehi had borrowed our car while hers was in the shop, but our car had been overheating, so here Cameron is getting the coolant checked, emptied, and refilled:

I was holding Alegria, but she was making me hotter than it already was outside, so I asked Abilehi to bring out her walker to see if Alegria would be okay in it while we watched Cameron fix the car. Amazingly, she was!

And even more surprisingly, she actually walked in it! Before going to Kentucky this last time, Alegria HATED her walker! But I guess now that she's a little taller and can reach the floor better and also now that she knows how to take a few steps on her own...maybe that made her change her mind about the walker!

Cameron continues with fixing the coolant issues of the car:

Then later on, we all went out to Payless so Abilehi could find some shoes. We also tried a few shoes on Alegria, but we decided that we didn't want to spend the money on shoes that she'll just outgrow in a month! She's mostly barefoot anyway and the shoes she has right now should still last her a little while. Anyway. Alegria was playing on a low shelf at Payless...

...and on her way off of it, she didn't quite come off the shelf very gracefully, to say the least. She began to fuss, but we let her know she was OK...and she believed us. :)

The rest of the day was pretty relaxing.

Again, we are SO HAPPY to have Cameron home and to be a whole family again in our own home! :)

Have a great night!!!

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