Sunday, July 5, 2009

We Love Our Soldier!

Church went well today. We got there a few minutes early. I'm in in charge of Primary this month and got to be in front of everyone. However, because of the holiday, there were very few children there today. Also, the sisters were sent to Relief Society and a couple of Young Men came to teach the children. It was nice. :)

I was called in to the Bishop's office during sharing time. It turns out that Bishop Doyle wanted me to sing at a fireside in a few weeks, but Cameron, Alegria and I will be in Montana that day, so I had to turn him down. I hope he thinks of me for the next one! I love to sing!

Well, once home, we all took naps. Ah! Beloved rest!

Upon waking, Cameron got into his dress uniform and I took a picture of him. I sure love my soldier (so does Alegria)! He is SOOO handsome! Woo-hoo!!! Gotta love a man in uniform!!! :)

Here's Alegria playing with the saddle:

Oh-oh! She's discovered the VCR's cassette flap! I've heard horror stories of what children put in those things! We'll have to think of a way to avoid any mishaps with that!

And that was pretty much our Sunday. :)

Have a wonderful night!!!

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