Friday, July 17, 2009

Cousins Galore!!!

We visited some friends today. We first went to see Jerry and Sandy McArthur:

Then we visited with Frank and Mardella Coil:

We also went to see Fred and Joyce Parsons, but I forgot to get a picture with them. :( After our visits, we went home and hung out while we waited for Andrea to arrive with her family.

Here are some pretty flowers from one of Grandma's flower beds: (my favorite color is red, so is there any wonder why these flowers in particular would attract my attention?)

Back inside, Alegria played some more in the handtowel drawer and then helped Grandma water the flowers in the pots on the deck:

Grandpa and Cameron sit and wait for the robin who built a nest on the gutter to show up:

After her nap, Alegria woke up with an imprint of the pack-n-play mattress seams on her face! She's cute anyway!

Then we got her dressed and we all waited for the cousins to arrive:

Finally, Andrea, Ryan, Carter, Calvin, and Cadee showed up! Woo-hoo! What fun!

Here are some videos from today:

What a fun day!!!

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