Thursday, July 2, 2009

Moving Day

The day finally arrived for us to leave. It's bitter-sweet...sweet because we're excited to finally be in our own home in Texas and leave the small hotel room we've been cramped in, bitter because we're leaving the place where Alegria had a lot of "firsts."

And as if she knew what was coming, Alegria took it upon herself to have one last climb onto her toy shelf:

What a cute little rugrat!

Cameron's graduation ceremony was from 1-2. Here he is with the guys from his squad: (Cameron's the best-looking one of the bunch!)

Once Cameron got home, he became Speed Racer and got us out the door in record time! It made me a little nervous that he was rushing us, but can you blame him? He just wanted to get on the road so he could be home as soon as possible, leaving the 16-hour drive and Kentucky behind him. On our way to the weigh station:

No, I do not let my child starve...she's not hungry, she just has some sort of shoe obsession (like her Mommy!)!

Goodbye Fort Knox!

At the airport, we stopped for a quick lunch once we were all checked in. I gave Alegria her first taste of a French fry, which she didn't really like all that much...she just mushed it up after tasting it and dropped it on the floor:

Our last family picture (ever) in the Louisville airport:

Cameron wanted to begin his long drive as soon as possible, so he actually brought us to the airport about 3 hours early. That was OK. Alegria and I found ways to entertain ourselves:

At the last leg of our flight, when we thought we were only about an hour away from home, it turned out that the airplane was way too hot and so they didn't want to board us right away. We ended up leaving a little over an hour later. Thank goodness Alegria stayed in a pretty good mood the whole time, even though she'd only napped very briefly throughout the day! She kept everyone in the area entertained with her cute smile, cute growls, cute crawling, and even a few cute steps! Everyone loved her!!!

It's been a long day and we're finally home. Alegria is asleep in her car seat right now (she fell asleep on the way home), so I'm going to go now and get ready for bed before she wakes up so that then we can both sleep and await Daddy's arrival tomorrow!!!

Good night!!!

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