Sunday, July 12, 2009

Day of Rest

Today was a pretty low-key day. After Church, We all just hung around the house and relaxed.

Here Alegria is trying to carry Big Bear on her shoulders like her Daddy carries her sometimes. :)

And here Alegria is intrigued by looking out the back door. That little girl just LOVES nature and the outdoors! :)

Alegria: "Look at that little bird out there, Mommy!"

Are you sure it's a bird, Alegria?

Alegria: "Well, Mother, it's either a bird or a very feathery rodent."

Alegria: "Or perhaps a pterodactyl."

Alegria: "From ground up, it seems to be about THIS big."

Alegria: "I bet if place my hand on the window like this, it might even come over and say hi..."

Alegria: "I see it coming!"

Alegria: "Yes, it's DEFINITELY a bird! A pretty bird!"

Alegria: "I TOLD you so, Mommy!"

Alegria: "Oh! It looks like it's going to fly away now..."

Alegria: "Up, up and away! Bye-bye pretty bird!"

I love Sundays!!! :)

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