Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Packing Day

This morning, our housekeeping lady, Bertha, came to drop off some boxes. That was very nice of her! Well, something new = Alegria's new toys. Here she is playing with the boxes:

Then later, I was looking up a few things for Cameron on the computer...and lo and behold, Alegria just HAD to be there, too! Here she is under the desk, trying to get to the computer:

When Cameron got home, he began getting all of his gear together to turn in. Alegria wanted to help:

She must have scratched herself on the forehead when she was banging around Daddy's gear...

Alegria: "I'll wind the cords up!" (Of course you will!)

How about you go play with the boxes again?

Here Alegria is helping Daddy clean a sleeping pad that he needs to turn in with his other Army gear:

More boxy fun!

Those aren't ours, Alegria! Those blankets and sheets stay here!

Alegria: "Are you sure Mommy?"

"I thought these were ours..."

No...but thank you for trying to help!

At the end of the night, Cameron and Alegria folded laundry and packed it into our suitcase:

Packing is always so tedious...but today, Alegria's contributions made it more of a fun challenge! We can't wait to be on our way back home tomorrow!

Good night!

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