Monday, July 13, 2009

Trip Prep Day

Today we had to make sure everything was packed before going to bed. I tried getting stuff done, but of course, I had to make sure Alegria was entertained as well. I let her play with the cookie cutters. They're so colorful that she enjoyed playing with them!

Naptime finally came and I was able to start packing a few things. Packing for a couple of weeks is no easy feat...especially having to pack for a baby! It's a good thing Cameron's mom has a pack-n-play at her place so we don't have to bring less thing to worry about!

Here's Alegria during her 46-week picture:

She's mighty cute, if I do say so myself!

Alegria got bored at times while we tried to alternate the packing jobs, so we did our best to keep her busy.

Here Daddy is "scaring" Alegria...she thinks it's funny!

Afterwards, we helped Alegria better her walking skills:

Then I caught Alegria getting off the couch all by herself!

And then not too long after that, Alegria walked almost the whole length of the living room!!! AWESOME!!!

Alegria is growing up so fast!!!

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