Tuesday, July 14, 2009

To Grandma's House We Go!

Since we were driving to Austin (about 1.5 hours away) to catch our plane, we had to get up SUPER early. Our flight was at 6 am. Abilehi and her friend Sadie came with us so that they could drive back together. The plane rides were pretty uneventful.

Once in Bozeman, Cameron's parents and younger brother came to pick us up. We had lunch and then headed home. Here Alegria is being introduced to Callie, Kellen's blue healer. Alegria was at first apprehensive of Callie, but she finally warmed up to her.

Alegria was more than happy that Grandma had toys for her to play with! She made herself right at home!

By the end of the afternoon, Alegria was helping Grandpa cook dinner.

Here Cameron's dad is presenting him with a graduation present. It's a collection of three pictures: one of Cameron on Cyrus, one of Cameron's maternal grandfather, Grandpa Fullmer on his horse, and one of Cameron's paternal grandfather, Grandpa Marlow on his horse. The frame is made out of wood from a gate that Cameron and his siblings used to go in and out of as young children to tend their sheep.

Alegria found Grandma's handtowels!

And she found a nice little climbing spot!

Grandma's house is fun!

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