Saturday, July 18, 2009

First Time Rafter

I forgot to post a few pictures and one video from yesterday (they were on a different memory card), but here they are. These are of us hanging out on the play set with everyone and then popping firecrackers before the children's bed time.

The rest are from today. We went rafting and had a blast! Alegria was a great first-timer, wanting to wade in the water even though it was FREEZING, hold crawdads (don't worry, we didn't actually let her!), and she even tried a few yummy treats like Twizzlers and Oreos, which she'd never had before and ended up loving!

Here's Cadee modeling her cute strawberry swimsuit, which will eventually end up in Alegria's dresser. :) We're SO glad that Cadee came along first or else it would be SO expensive to dress our little girl. THANK YOU AGAIN, CADEE!!! YOU ROCK!!!

So the lifejacket was a tad bit cumbersome...we ended up taking it off of Alegria shortly after. Once she had it off, she enjoyed the rest of the day. :)

It was a perfect day for rafting! The only mishap was that Cameron got burned...BAD SPRAY-ON SUNBLOCK!

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