Saturday, July 4, 2009


What a wonderful feeling to wake up in our own home and all under the same roof!

Alegria and I woke up and played a little bit while we waited for Cameron to wake up. Once he did, he was up and at 'em again, here, wiping our stainless steel fridge free of fingerprints:

Then, being it's July 4th, we wanted to have an all-American bar-b-que...BUT we didn't own a BBQ grill, so we went out to get one. Alegria is ready to roll! (Can you tell how hot it is? Poor baby, her cheeks are so flushed from the heat!)

Alegria: "Where's the ignition so I can put the keys in and get the truck started?"

"Hurry up, Daddy! We've got errands to run!" (She was literally slapping her little hand on the dashboard!)

The truck wasn't completely cooled off yet and Alegria was feeling the heat in her car seat:

Once home, Cameron began assembling the grill:

That done, he added charcoals and lit them up:

There must have been some sort of July 4th celebration at Fort Hood because we saw these four Apache helicopters making their way back and forth overhead:

While we waited for the coals to get nice and hot, Cameron read to Alegria and me the Declaration of Independence (well, the first few paragraphs):

Ready to grill! Since this was Cameron's first experience barbecuing, we started off nice and simple with hot dogs!

It smells good, Baby!

Daddy and daughter on Alegria's first Independence Day:

Alegria and me:

Our All-American Cutie plays peek-a-boo around a back porch beam:

Alegria went to bed at about 8, but Cameron and I stayed up watching "National Treasure." At about 10, we went out to our back porch and were able to view fireworks from various places, including Fort Hood and a small vacant lot behind out house. It was nice and relaxing. Now we're about to head off to bed.

On this Independence Day, not only do I want to thank Cameron, but also all of the service men and women out there who risk their lives, sacrifice the time that they could be spending with their family and friends, and give up the comforts of life so that we here may enjoy life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Thank you all.

To Cameron, I love you with all of my heart and soul. You're the best husband, father, and friend a woman could ever dream to have. You are my everything.

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  1. mmm. nothing like bbq over hot coals. I'm hungry thinking about it. Thanks for your service Cameron! And yours too Lehilina.


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