Monday, March 29, 2010

Another Easter Egg Hunt!

We went to Story Time at the library today as we do every Monday and it was an Easter Party! We had our usual singing and reading times:

During the reading times, Alegria prefers to go and work on her craft. I don't know why this is...she loves it when I read to her, but for some reason, she's not too keen on being read to in a big group. Weird!

During the goodbye song, Alegria chose the same pair of purple maracas that she always does and went around the circle with Andrea and Josh:

Then it was time to go hunt for Easter eggs in the Childrens' Room!

As soon as Alegria found a couple of eggs, she opened one, found a chocolate inside, and could not be swayed to continue looking for eggs:

Finally done eating her candy, I was able to persuade her to look for more eggs!

Good form, Alegria! (She tried tossing her egg in her basket.)

Unfortunately, as soon as we went to the puppet theater area, she found Big Bird and I again could not get her to look for any more eggs!

Big Bird in tow, she finally found a few more!

What a fun time! The Library ROCKS! :)

On our way out, Alegria put on a puppet show for Josh:

At home, we took naps.

After naps, we went to Wal-Mart. Alegria loves looking at the fish in the aquariums, so that was one of our first stops:

Then we got our groceries. Our last stop was the Easter section, where we got egg dyes and cups to color Easter eggs! As you can see...towards the end of our shopping trip, Alegria could no longer hold out...she just HAD to have a bagel! :)

When we got home, Alegria decided she wanted to learn how to ring the she figured out how to climb up to the step, hold on to the door handle, and lean over to ring it!

I came inside to show her what the doorbell was actually for:

Another fun-filled day! YAY!

And now it's off to bed to get re-energized for tomorrow!

Good night! :)

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  1. Love her with the bunny ears!! She just makes me tired with all she does you must be exhausted!


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