Monday, March 1, 2010

Bed Time Woes

Starting to want to be like Mommy...Alegria found "her" compact (an old one that I let her play with) and one of my makeup brushes and tried applying some blush while looking at herself in the compact mirror:

Then we went to Story Time and Alegria did more dancing that usual! She even went to where all the kids were instead of staying next to me...she sure is getting more and more independent!

Back home and after a nap, Alegria decided to place a DVD cover over her head. She is just so silly! Maybe we need to shake our sillies out at home, too, and not just at Story Time! :)

When it was finally time for bed, Alegria did NOT want to go to bed. Daddy persisted and that made her so upset that she ran away from us!

Poor child! If only she knew how much we adults are sometimes so tired we wish we could go to bed at 8:30, too! But there's just too much to do once you're a grown up. Life is just so much harder when you're a baby, though...apparently!

Good night!

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