Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Country Girl at Heart

Today Daddy is away in the field, so Grandpa wanted to go get stuff to treat Cyrus's hooves with so that when Daddy gets back tomorrow, everything's ready for him and Daddy to get it done.

That meant we got to go back to Tractor and Supply. Luckily, today in addition to the baby chicks, they also had rabbits!

Grandma helped Alegria pet the soft rabbits:

However; when it was time to leave, Alegria was not happy...so Grandma took the initiative and bought her some yummy chocolate pretzels...that we all got to share! That took Alegria's mind off of having to leave the cute bunnies:

Back in the car, Alegria indulged herself and since we were going to also go to Lowes, which was almost next-door to Tractor and Supply, we let Alegria ride in the regular back seat without having to get buckled in:

At Lowes, Grandma was able to find light fixtures that she wanted for their house but hadn't been able to find in Bozeman. While we waited for a salesperson to help us, Alegria played on a step ladder:

And then on a riding lawn mower:


Back home, we got dinner ready and as we did, Alegria played hide-and-seek with Grandpa:

Alegria: "Wait, wait, Grandpa...I'm not done hiding yet!"

At the end of the night, Alegria was running around in just her diaper before heading off to bed, when she decided to play in an empty diaper box:

What a fun day! :)


  1. 上來打聲招呼,祝你一切平安! .........................................

  2. How's the pregnancy coming along? We certainly miss 'seeing' you guys around. :)

    Ali & Chris
    RAF Lakenheath, UK


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