Friday, March 5, 2010

Belly Dancer

I had to go to my clinic to sign a medical release form so that they could fax over my records to the Darnall Women's Center, since that's where all of my prenatal care will be conducted. Abilehi needed to go to the mall to buy a belly dance skirt. I also needed Abilehi for later on in the day so that she could put Alegria to bed while I watched Quinn (all at our house) while Kerri and Justin went to a West Point alumni dinner and Abilehi needed to do laundry. So she came over earlier and we ran our errands together.

The clinic errand was quick.

Then we went to the mall. While we were at a store called Earthbound, Alegria was getting fussy, so I handed her a Victoria's Secret catalog Abilehi happened to have with seems Alegria may be a shopaholic if at this age she's already intrigued by fashion!

When all of our shopping was done, we went on Post to have lunch with Cameron since he has staff duty tonight and so we won't see him until tomorrow. He had been telling me about a certain wrap they have at Taco John's, so that's where we went so that I could try it. Boy, was it good! While we waited for our order to be ready, Alegria played around with the newspaper rack as well as climbed onto a chair and sat very cute-like:

Back at home and after Alegria's nap, Abilehi showed us how to make Scotcharoos. Alegria really enjoyed helping out!

As we were making the Scotcharoos...well, while Abilehi and Alegria were making he Scotcharoos and I was tidying up, I got a text that Kerri, and Justin were on their way to drop off Quinn. While we waited, we went outside and played with Isis.

Not long afterwards, I got another text from Kerri. Apparently, Quinn had cried and cried all night last night when he was with Allie and Kerri and Justin were at the hail and farewell and he was not in a much better mood today to be left again, so they ended up not coming.

So we girls just played, colored, and watched some TV.

I've been wiping Alegria's nose so much recently, that today she surprised me by doing it all on her own!

Then Abilehi decided to put her belly dance skirt on Alegria. Isn't she the cutest little belly dancer ever?!

Apparently, she doesn't like the paparazzi:

And that was our day. I put Alegria to bed, Abilehi got all of her laundry done and then left since she works tomorrow, and now here I am blogging about our life.

Well, I guess I better head off to bed now.

Good night!

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