Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Movin' On Up

This morning, Alegria decided that one of my mixing bowls would make a perfect chair to sit in and have a snack:

After her snack, we went and played ouside:

Alegria wanted to play with Isis's food, which I kept telling her not to do...so being the smart cookie she is...she decided that when she'd grab the food, she'd give it to Isis. This, I guess, was a sort of compromise because I can't complain about her feeding Isis...and at the same time she got to put her hands in the multi-colored food pebbles. Win-win. Or win-lose depending on your perspective. I don't necessarily need Alegria to feed Isis because Isis can eat the food out of her bowl on her own...so I'm the loser since Alegria gets to put her hand in the food and that was her goal to begin with!

Isis: the dog I have a love-hate relationship with. I love how much joy she brings to Cameron and Alegria, which brings me joy, but I hate that she digs holes in our backyard and that she always wants to drool all over me and jump on me!

I can't wait for our grass to turn green!

Playing with Isis:

Back inside, Alegria wanted to dress Elmo with her clothes and have him sit in the mixing bowl:

Then I decided it was time to move Alegria up to the next size of clothes. So I emptied out all of her drawers, folding everything into piles...clothes that are too small in a bin, clothes that are just right and just a tad bit big out of the bin and in her drawers. As I was doing this, Alegria was moseying about and she found a cute little swimsuit...which she decided she wanted to wear...for the rest of the day!

How can I resist her sweet smile?! Of course she can wear a swimsuit all day long if that's what she wants to do! :)

Alegria is starting to want to do everything herself, but when she can't, she gets really frustrated and even though I encourage her to try again, sometimes she is just too distressed to and decides to do something completely different:

After her nap, Josh came over and Alegria and he had a fun time just playing:

Josh found one of Alegria's hairbands and tried putting it on, but didn't really know how to...which is fine! I don't think his parents would like him parading around with a hairband in his hair!

Alegria's going to be a wonderful big sister! Here she is rocking one of her stuffed bears (a tiny, purple one):

I can't wait to see how Alegria will be with Benodette! (Benjamin or Odette = Benodette!)

Have a wonderful night!

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