Friday, March 26, 2010


Procrastinator that I am, I left everything that I needed to do for our Primary activity on Saturday guessed Friday. Not only that...I left it all for the afternoon and evening. Baaaaad me! Especially since Alegria tends to wake up around 3:30-4, and that means that by the time she's up, I have her changed, and she's had a snack, it's almost 5 by the time we get out the door!

Anyway. On our way back from Hobby Lobby, I called Abilehi. I asked if she wouldn't mind watching Alegria for me while I went to the dollar store (it's too difficult to shop with Alegria in tow...she's like her mother and likes to browse and shop, so she's all over the place and I can't get done what I need to get done!). Abilehi kindly said yes, so I dropped the munchkin off and went on my way to do some more shopping.

When I got back from the dollar store, Abilehi showed me a piece of paper that Alegria had drawn on front and back...and told me that after she drew the circle with the three dots in the middle, she signed "dog!" How amazing is that that she can already figure out that a face has two eyes and a nose!!! Alegria is sure a genius!

Abilehi was the one who wrote Alegria's name...obviously...and Alegria asked Abilehi to draw her a Abilehi obliged. However, everything else is all Alegria and if I'm not mistaken, Abilehi said that after some of the markings, she would sign "bird."

I thanked Abilehi profusely for helping me by watching Alegria. I was able to get everything done that I needed to! If Cameron hadn't had to work tonight, I wouldn't have imposed on Abilehi, but how grateful I am that she halted her Friday schedule for me! Thank you again Abilehi!!! :)

Once home, I made Alegria a quick grilled cheese sandwich for dinner. As you can see in this video, she's starting to say words!

And that was it for today. Now I have to get working on my little Easter lesson for tomorrow's activity!

Have a good night! :)

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