Saturday, March 6, 2010

Party Time!

We got to go to Lacey's house today to celebrate Lacey's first birthday! Alegria made herself comfortable playing with all of the toys as soon as we walked in the door!

Quinn was also happy to be at the party!

Alegria decided she wanted to use their computer...

Lacey in her birthday dress:

Alegria was writing on some paper when Lacey decided to look over her shoulder and she what Alegria was up to...which Alegria didn't like and so decided that she was going to raise her voice at the birthday girl. That's not nice, Alegria!

Finally, we all had some lunch, though Alegria thought the burgers were a little too well-done for her taste and only ate the bread...while she played, of course!

Lacey was not happy about wearing her birthday hat!

Cake time!


Then it was present-opening time...but as Lacey was opening Alegria's gift, I was on the phone with Cameron and I wasn't able to get a good shot of the birthday girl AND the present...Alegria got Lacey a cute little baby doll...which is probably from the looks of it half Lacey's size!

Here's Alegria giving Lacey kiss on the cheek! HAPPY BIRTHDAY LACEY! :)

On our way home, I stopped by the car wash to give our car the much-needed wash it deserved. Alegria got a little scared at first:

Finally she calmed down some and was wide-eyed as we waited for the car to be cleaned:

Upon our return, we found Daddy in the middle of cleaning out his Alegria hopped on in!

Daddy removing the satellite radio receiver (the reception is really bad on Fort Hood, so we decided to cancel our subscription since Cameron could never listen to it on his commute to and from work):

Alegria unlocking the door with her teeth:

Our little daredevil:

What a fun day!

Good night! :)

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