Monday, March 8, 2010

My Friend Elmo

Recently, when Alegria and I were shopping forLacey's birthday present, we saw an Elmo Live doll on display. When I pressed his tummy, he came to life and Alegria was mesmerized! Her little face lit up so much and she squealed with such delight that I just couldn't resist! I asked Cameron if it was okay to buy this expensive toy for Alegria and he said it was...

So after Story Time at the library today, Alegria and I headed over to adopt her very own Elmo.

Once home, Alegria couldn't stop kissing him and playing with him:

Alegria doesn't quite get the concept of balance or understand the fact that Elmo needs to be flat on his feet to stay upright, so she got a little frustrated and I had to come to he rescue:

She loves Elmo so much, she took him to bed with her! I had to sneakily shut off his speaking, singing, and moving functions as I was rocking Alegria (and Elmo, whom Alegria wouldn't let go of!) so that while she napped, Alegria wouldn't accidentally activate Elmo and have him wake her up. It's too bad that with all of the mechanics inside of him, Elmo is kind of hard and not snuggly soft. Oh well. Alegria still loves him and that's what counts!

After putting Alegria down for a nap, I came to see how Cameron was progressing in today's project...a large picture frame. We had a large painting hanging in our living room in Montana, but during the move, the frame broke...and frames are expensive, so Cameron decided to put his handy skills to work and make one himself.

When Alegria woke up, she and Elmo were both thirsty, so being the wonderful friend she is, she shared her sippy cup with Elmo:

Then they played hide-and-seek:

And after that, they went to their secret hiding place to play pat-a-cake without me!

In the meantime, a storm was brewing:

Alegria loves to look out the window at the rain falling:

And when the rain lets up and there are puddles everywhere, she loves to play in those!

Once the wind starting picking up, we decided to head on inside so that our drenched little girl wouldn't get sick. Needless to say, we had to strip her before coming in so she wouldn't drip all over the floor!

More peek-a-boo!

Then when it was time for bed, Alegria decided she wanted to be difficult and ran to her room and closed the which Daddy decided to make a game out of in order to "catch" her!

What a great, wet Monday full of fun with the family!

Good night!

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