Thursday, March 11, 2010

Fort Hood Doesn't Exist!

We had a slight change of plans. As I was about to go get ready for bed last night, I got a message from Kerri saying that Quinn was in the hospital for pneumonia and that they didn't know how long he'd have to stay there. So we cancelled Amanda's baby shower. We were going to cancel our playgroup altogether, but Allison graciously stepped in and offered her house as an alternative meeting place.

Well...we'd never been to Allie's before, so I got Allie's address and was going to use it to get to her house on Post...but our GPS didn't even recognize Fort Hood! Apparently, it's so top-secret that it doesn't exist on GPS! Our house doesn't exist on GPS either, but it's because it's still such a new housing development, I doubt it's because it's top secret! ;)

Anyway. I texted Allie and she gave me directions to her house. Unfortunately, there are two Clear Creek exits and I happened to take the wrong one and I ended up on the opposite side of Post. To make this adventure story short, I ended up arriving about an hour late. Poor Alegria was hungry and upset and I'd had to bribe her with candy in order for her to not have a complete meltdown in the car.

Once we were at Allie's, though, Alegria was fine and happy as soon as she saw the many toys that Lee had...and she made herself instantly comfortable with taking the ones she wanted:

Lee (in blue plaid), J.D. (in brown), and Lacey had fun playing, too:

A new horse to ride!

With all of the driving we'd done today and all of the playing and having fun, Alegria and I were both exhausted by the time we got home. It was sure nice to take a nap!

When Daddy got home, we had some fun family time together and now that Alegria's in bed, I think Cameron and I will do the same.

Have a restful night!

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