Thursday, March 18, 2010

Remember the Alamo!

First thing this morning, Alegria wanted to play on her swing set, so Daddy fared the brisk morning weather with her and off they went to have some fun!

Then after breaksfast we loaded up a few things and ourselves into Grandma's SUV and headed off to San Antonio...first stop, the Alamo!

We had a wonderful time roaming the grounds of the Alamo, visiting the inside, and marveling at the sacrifice that so many made for generations to come.

Next on our San Antonio tour was the Riverwalk:

Must. Stay. Hydrated.

"Who is that? A movie star? Or someone on TV? A celebrity that people love...?" me he's the sexiest super star around! Here's Cameron sporting some shades we bought him at a tourist shop here in San Antonio since he forgot his Oakleys at home. :)

It was a beautiful day for a beautiful stroll on the Riverwalk!

After our stroll, we followed our noses to the sweet aromas of BBQ and had a yummy dinner at a restaurant on the river's edge. Alegria enjoyed coloring while we waited:

Trying some sauteed mushrooms:

Well, not really. She didn't like the sauce, so she wouldn't try the mushrooms themselves. Oh well! I don't eat mushrooms, either, so I'm not going to force them on her! :)

Alegria's kid's meal came with a free ice cream for dessert, so we got it to go and went on our way:

On our way to the hotel, Alegria seems to be a tired little girl:

So as soon as we got into our room, we set up Alegria's pack-n-play, but all she wanted to do was to play!

...and make phone calls!

We finally got Alegria in her pajamas, but since Daddy and I were watching television, she kept playing in her crib. So finally we turned the TV off and I KNOW I drifted off to sleep...but there was this tiny voice that kept filtering into my brain as I was trying to drift deeper into was Alegria! She kept playing even in the dark and after both Cameron and I were asleep!

Luckily, I had been drifting in and out of sleep for only about 15 minutes when I realized Alegria was still I fixed her bed and settled her back in (she had lifted a side of the base of her pack-n-play and was lying uncomfortably on the non-padded part) and then sang to her as I patted her back and caressed her hair and after that, she finally went off to about 10 pm! :)

Ah...sweet sleep! The perfect end to a perfect day!!! :)


  1. Lehilina,
    Looks like a fun family trip. Have you found out whether you're carrying a little boy or girl? We are so excited for your family and we hope to be preggo in Sept. :)

    Ali & Chris
    RAF Lakenheath, UK

  2. Better say nothing than nothing to the purpose. ........................................


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