Thursday, March 4, 2010

Big Kid Cereal!

This morning I gave Alegria some "big kid" cereal, complete with milk, to see how she would fare with a spoon and those slippery, yummy "o"s. I dare say, she did mighty well!

Then later this morning, we went to Amanda's house for our weekly playgroup. Alegria found a baby chair and sat herself down in it:

Then asked to eat!

After her lunch, Alegria had a few important phone calls to make:

Here's Allison's little boy, Lee, trying out Lacey's pink horse:

A horse is a horse, no matter what color! Oh, so fun! :)

Quinn got so giggly when Kerri was teasing him with a ball, I decided to capture it on video! So cute!

Alegria letting everyone know that SHE'S playing with this toy:

Alegria was getting a little loud and "bossy," so I sat her in Lacey's pack-n-play for a few minutes. Being away from all of the other kids calmed her down, since she didn't have to worry about them taking the toys she was playing with anymore:

Then Lee came over and he and Alegria played a little through the mesh walls:

A few of the children in our playgroup suck on binkies and for some reason, Alegria keeps either finding their pacifiers or taking them from them and sucking on them herself! It could also be the fact that she's teething...her molars are coming in and the poor girl has been suffering not only the pain of that, but a runny nose as well, which led to a severely dry nose from all of the blowing of it we've been having her do...hence the boo-boo you may have noticed in today's pictures underneath her nose. Anyway. To help ease her pain, we've been giving her her raspberry pacifier and she loves it, so maybe that has attributed to the fact that she loves binkies now...

Playing tea party with Lee:

Climbing on the coffee table:

Tonight we had a hail and farewell to go to. It was held at Jalapeno's, a Mexican restaurant in Harker Heights. We sat with the Abbatacola's, the Menal's, and some other people I don't know by name. We had good conversation and good food...

...and luckily we got done early enough. It was getting harder and harder to keep Alegria quiet, whether I was giving her chocolate candy or walking around the whole restaurant with her!

On our way home, I asked Alegria if it was time to sleep. Can you guess what her answer was?

We stopped by to get some Dr. Pepper for Cameron before heading home and once home, he decided to toast the night with Alegria:


Alegria learned how to put water in her bathtub squirter toys and how to squirt the water out, too!

And she now also loves to lie in the water:

By the way, did I mention Alegria is still very flexible? It's been forever since I've seen her bring her toes to her mouth...and here she is doing it again!

Maybe gymnastics is in her future...or maybe she'll be a contortionist? Who knows! :)

Good night!

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  1. She is so funny ~~ she is into everything and is EVERYWHERE! Makes me tired just reading this blog!


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