Thursday, March 25, 2010

Good Golly Miss Mollie!!!

Alegria played me a private piano concerto today:

Isn't she the cutest thing?! She totally bowed! :)

After my personal piano recital, we went to Allie's house for playgroup. Alegria had no problem making herself comfortable with Lee's stuff right away!

And then surprise, surprise! Amanda showed up with Mollie (and Lacey, of course!) in tow! I was surprised because she had just had Mollie on Sunday morning! Alegria was enthralled with Little Miss Mollie:

Good golly, Miss Mollie! You're so tiny! And your's out of this world! :) And you're ever so cute! :)

Alegria again, making Lee's things hers...she even goes so far as to shoo him away when he gets near!

Amanda and Mollie...AWWW! :)

Alegria tends to regress when she's around all of the other kids...

Back home and after a well-needed nap, Alegria woke up and Daddy came home.

Alegria: "Daddy, will you color with me, please?"

After some fun coloring, Alegria and Daddy had some rough and tumble playing time on the floor:

Then we needed to go get some groceries. Alegria made the cart her bed:

Later on in the evening, we took a stroll for me to pick up the church library keys from Brother Tralle (the Tralles live a street down from us). This was my view of Alegria as we walked. I had my camera on night mode...

And that takes us to the end of the night!

Sleep well everybody! :)

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